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 Post subject: [TIPS AND GUIDES INDEX] Last update : 6/10/14
PostPosted: Wed May 16, 2012 3:26 pm 
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Tips and Guide Index

TIPS wrote:
To find faster a guide use the search function of you browser Ctrl+F, look at the latest reply of this topic to know what are the latest update.

Every text between [ ] is a link to a guide.

How To Play

Those are basic guides so you can understand how to play the game.

Interface Overview

This guide is to explain you how does work the interface (or UI) of the game.
You will be able to learn how to open each windows and where you can find the informations.


Here you will find the detail about how to interact with other player, sell item to them or talk with them by using some special kind of messages.
You will be able to create "Band" or just some partie, all those stuffs are detailed there.

The following system are very important one. They present you the team work, how to build party Band and League.

The master and student system is very useful for new low level char but also old player. The idea is that a new player sugest to a old player to becom his master, this will allow him to have boosted experience, gear, buff,...

Player vs Player

Player vs Player is an important part of the game, you have to learn how it work as you can't miss that.
Those guides includes some events which are based on PvP and that take place each week on all the servers.
Don't forget that for now in ours version there are 3 servers : Only one is fully based on PVP it's Yin, other (Yang and Tao) are based on PVE.

Stats and Attributs

  • Attributs

This is the most important things in 9Dragons. You must learn how to use you attributs point so that you cna be good in PVE or PVP.


The Masterys are really important stuff and can give huge boost to your charactere. In those guide you will find a list of each mastery for each clan and role.
This could give you an idea of which clan select as they have differents mastery.

  • Epithets

There are a lot of epithet in the Land of 9Dragons, you will be able to find in those guide all the epithet from the game and learn how to use them.

  • Element Damages

There are some special damage which have nothings to do with your stat and only depends from buff or ornament.
Here you will find a guide about them. It's really important to know them if you do some PvP.


The following guides are all screens of each skills from each clan. It will give you all the details about the skills like effect, duration, cooldown....
First you will find the basic skill from the clan that every role can learn. Second all the skill which are specific to one role.


Thos guide are the to explain you how work the item system in 9Dragons and how you can store your item.
Some can be special and have durability or other stuff like that.
You may find some guide to boost some item which will allow you to create powerfull charactere.

  • The Wan Daye Weapon

The Wan Daye Weapon are specials weapons which give huge boost. Those require a certain collection which are detailed in those guides.
You will be able to find a screenshoot of each of those weapons in the following guides.

  • The Ornaments

Ornament are really usefull items if you have some slot on weapon or clothes. There are some limites, you can find on those guides all the details about how to put them on an item or even how to remove them.
You will be able to find a list of each ornement you can have in the Land.

  • Improve Clothes and Weapons

Weapon refine is used by all the player in the Land. it's the better way to improve your damages. It's a dangerous process so read all the details here before do it.

You are able to put some special stats on certain weapons. Here a guide chich will explain you how you can do that. For now it's not really usefull as every weapon droped have already their stat. But in case you find an old weapon you may use this option.

As it's previously said, you need slot to put ornaments. but every stuff you drop don't have all the time slots. You may have to use some special item to create slot on them.
You will be able to decrease the lvl limit of a weapon at the same time.

You can add some special stat on you clothe which give you a very nice boost here all the details about how to do it.

  • Assemble and Disassemble System

This system allow you to create very nice ornaments, relic, banner, weapon and deco by using a basic item and some material. The rate is random so you may have to try more than one time to build the item.

  • Black Market Dealer

  • Elixirs

Elixirs Allow you to boost for a permanent way the attributs of you char, you will find in that guide every details about them and how you can get them.

  • Relics and Accessories

This huge guide will provide you some of the picture of each relics and accessory you can find in the Land.

The first guide give you details about how to use the relic and such stuff. Then you will find an index in that guide which list all the relics in game. There isn't the picture of item you can get from combine as it's in the previous guide.

The following guide will give you details about each relic's collections.

  • The Manuels and Books

The manuels and books are very usefull to train faster you Kung Fu or to make them lvl up at a certain Cheng.

  • The Clothes

There are various clothes in the Land here some example of them with screen of each detailed boost.

  • The Decos

There are various deco for your charactere, some can be found in the item mall of the game, other at the clan base like in the following guide :

  • The Extreme Clothes

Those are the best clothes you can create in the Land of 9Dragons. This guide provide you all the details about how and where you can make them.

  • The Extreme Weapons

Those are the best weapons you can create in the Land of 9Dragons. This guide provide you all the details about how and where you can make them.


The monsters in the Land are not all the same, there are different kinds of mob all over the Land. This guide will give you details about each kind of monsters.

  • The Boss in the Land

The Boss are really nice monster because they can give usefull item and nice challenge. You may have to work in team to destroy them.
The Boss overview will explain you how to recognize them, and all others guide will provide you details about where you can find them.

  • The Mobs in the Land

  • Quest Mobs in the Land


Those guides are made to describe each dungeon of teh Land of 9Dragons. Dungeon are special place where you will find some boss and get some nice rewards. Those can be done alone or in Team.
First you will find an overview of the Dungeons. And then a guide about each dungeon.
The Cave of Conqueror is not really a dungeon but as it's a bite special i put it here for now :)

Almost all the dungeon have a superior stat where you can get other items and epithets, here the guide for these dungeons :

The Cave of the conqueror and Loulan maps

The Cave of the Conqueror is a special map with some kind of rewards and a poison everywhere.


There are a lot of quest in the Land of 9Dragons, some are differents and can be more interssant than others.
It's a so huge part of the game than create guide for all take really a lot of time.
That's the reason why you will only fidn some quests guides for now.

Build Guide

The following guides give you idea how to build a charactere.

Item Mall

  • The Lotery Game

The lotery game can be generated by an item mall item the Blue Dragon's Treasure Box, here a guide about it.

In Game Issues

For all issue please read every guide before use the Q&A system you may find some details about how fix some problem :

[Suggestion]............[Tips and Guides Index] .............[Guide Q&A]

 Post subject: Re: [Tips and Guides Index]
PostPosted: Wed Feb 05, 2014 9:53 am 
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Updated 06/10/2014 :

- Added Cave of The Conqueror Dungeon Guide.

NOTE : The RTD quets guide / relic guide / assemble relic picture are gone -_-
I have no time to update it for now need to play hehe.
You will have to wait.

[Suggestion]............[Tips and Guides Index] .............[Guide Q&A]

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