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Found this on German server
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Author:  QuickRacer [ Tue Aug 22, 2017 4:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Found this on German server

So looks like the time and ng I Have put in to my second account was useless.

Odelia-system changes
All Odelia are removed from your inventory / locker and your equipment window. You will receive the remote Odelia, through the quest "Get your Odelia" at Anthony Bestra, back.
Be not removed plus Odelia and already ranked Odelia (Odelia II, Odelia III,...).
Odelia can be obtained after the maintenance through quests, because the master-pupil system was abolished. In addition, all Odelia are character-bound and not more non-tradable after maintenance.
Impact on the preservation of Odelia:
With the introduction of the new quest and it is possible to get an Odelia and an Odelia (also a CLEO) plus for each created character on an account the abolition of the master student system, starting tomorrow.
The new quest in detail:
Name: Get your Odelia
title: senior Pro
level: 101
requirement: reach level 102
price: Odelia (character bound)
The customized quest:
Name: get your Odelia plus
title: Royal Pro
level: 108
requirement: reach level 109
price: Odelia plus (character bound)
Please note: characters, which the Odelia plus already have, these can quest don't even receive.

Allocation of missing stat points
During the maintenance, 4 extra skill points were given to some players over level 151 because we have noticed that some players have not the correct number of stats for the level of 150 to 151.
The error is now corrected and the missing stat points have been distributed.

Wattsu in flames past
Wattsu in flames and the associated blessing were switched off during maintenance.
Should the maintenance unexpectedly delayed, so we let you on the known channels (forums, Facebook).
Have fun on the fairway.
Your shot online team

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