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 Post subject: Returning Player Feeling Lost
PostPosted: Wed Sep 09, 2020 9:26 am 

Joined: Tue Sep 08, 2020 10:14 am
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I did play Shot Online I believe back around 2008ish for a little while but lost that email and my account with it. I just recently returned and the game has changed immensely! I remember when Geiger/Volcano were tough courses and you built up skill on Alfheim/Sosori/Fensalir if that give you any idea of the era I played in.

I'm currently level 26/27 and have been leveling insanely fast with the Ceridwen quests while also having a ton of items dumped on me. I haven't really used any of them yet besides the clubs and appearance items that I got as part of being a new player. Most of my consumables are stored in my storage.

One of the areas I am struggling with is that I keep getting pushed by quests onto new and more difficult courses for the "shoot under double bogey/bogey on 3 holes at "xyz" course" for tons of xp/ng. Problem is I don't feel like I'm actually improving at all and am just being rushed along while having tons of items thrown at me. Can I or should I stop doing these and practice on the Easy/Medium courses for a while so that my actual skill matches my level/stats or should I keep following the quests?

As far as the consumables go, I am quickly running out of bank space and inventory space. Should I keep saving these things or is there a way I can expand my storage capacity? I'm worried I'm going to use something at a less than ideal time and then not have it for later.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

 Post subject: Re: Returning Player Feeling Lost
PostPosted: Fri Sep 11, 2020 9:32 am 

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Hi, assuming you are only using 1 character, start 2 more characters and leave them next to your storage. To remind you, all 3 of your characters use the same storage. Everything that you can store, (which isn't much lol, as a noob you get so many free things that are character bound), can be taken out by your other chars. 96 more slots there.
Keep checking Potter for quests as you can get a pouch and a bag so more space there. Even when they run out, you can still get items out of there.
Lvl the main 4 caddies as quickly as you can, more space there. You can store in them as they lvl.
Lvl 5 caddy...3 spaces
Lvl 10 caddy...6 spaces
Lvl 15 caddy...9 spaces
Lvl 20 caddy...12 spaces
All the above are per caddy.The caddy has to have some active holes on it before you can store items (be in use as such).
I think there is a caddy bag too, but I've never bought one.
Keep up with the quests, helps a lot and some rewards are great.It's not nice when you reach a higher lvl to find that you are way behind on quests. Don't get too stressed about lvling too quickly, you certainly wont be the only one lol. Just try and enjoy the game.
When you need exp, do as many Matching Mode Notification matches as you can. When you run out of holes you can buy some more from MM or the AH or from Virtual shop with speed points.


Use all 3 chars.
Get a pouch.
Get a bag.
Lvl your caddies.
Keep up with quests if possible (you'll thank me later lol).
If you buy a membership you can use all of your lockers. When you do that, always keep locker 1 empty for when your membership runs out.

Hope this helps for now.

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