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 Post subject: "SPECIAL" Box prepared for anniversary???
PostPosted: Thu Sep 17, 2020 7:51 pm 

Joined: Sun Feb 01, 2009 4:36 am
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Hello dear Shot-Online-Team,

fist I'd like to congratulate on 15 years of Shot Online.

But it more and more looks like you try to bring that game as fast as possible down and not trying to keep it alive, well there is a lot of things going wrong, but now you really smash it.

The introduction of the sale says that you prepared a special box, so the first question is, what is special about this box? Compare it with all previous sales and see it is usual and you put in the best crap you could find you database. There isn't even the try on bringing special anniversary items, like you could have create them for this years 15th anniversary! And yes I've seen there is a "new" Putter, Balls and a Tee, but those Items are just copy of existing Items, which just make more mess in auction, nothing special about those items.

What i'm complaining about listed below:

- Box Reward (don't need any explain, you see on your own it's trash)
- 15th Anniversary Putter, wow a new putter, looks like just same as always and same since 5 years. Would be really nice if you would provide any more information like EXP and speed of swing bar. As you may know a lot people asking since long time for a putter with slow speed of swing bar (like Werdandi).
- Clothe, it is kinda nice that there is combined clothe, but also sad that you can't gain the uncombined version, you could give both pieces at one box so it's same value like the ones you give out, but people could wear them. Also I'm missing pictures of the collection.
- Clubs, well there is headline Audhumbla and also the image of Audhumbla, but the description says Nidhogg!?
- Iapetos Gem, description says 40 %, it might be 50 %?
- Eunomia Gem, well this Item isn't really good and should be removed (maybe if needed just remove 1000 and keep 2000)
- Epimetheus Badge 10 % 100, only 100 holes? Come on for special sale it can be back to usual 250
- Club reinforcement ticket - Group 1, they are down to like nothing, combined with G2 or as a pack okay but not single
- 1x Zodiac Plus 1000, wow, like 99 % of active players is not using them...
- Theurgia, okay but 100 hole durability?
- Mageia Plus N6.5, okay that might be kinda okay, but Royal Mageia Plus Box??? Do you know what this box contains? I guess not, it's Mageia 5.6 to 6.0, what a super hot item!
- Map for All Courses, not sealed
- Brooch, for special events like Halloween and Christmas you have 35 %, but not for Anniversary?
- One Point Lesson Ticket, you joking? It would be only okay if 1 box contains 2000 Points
- Paper streamer, there is already swing trainers inside and why is there 20 % and 25 %?
- another 2 times Iapetos gem?
- 1x Hammer Parts Bag, why can't you make it 3 or 5, like 5 is needed to seal a hammer
- Wristband, two times 20 %? or did you mean 25 %? I hope 25 % is inside, wouldn't make any sense if not
- Reinforcement Ticket 30%, this is just trash
- another bundle of reinforcement ticket G1 + G2, already mentioned before

Just a little overview.

I can't mention all issues in this announcement, but you should see on your the mistakes you make with your description and image combined to the text, it doesn't mach to 60 %. Also there is some viewing issues you should see by displaying the page and reading through it.

I don't think anything will change because you not interested and you like copy paste and drink coffee.

at least I would like to point out that you are going to have bonus CC, but before it starts you sell the "best" box of the year, I'm pretty sure your sales management is not good and if you have a sales manager he would't be satisfied with that strategy.

Best Regards

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