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Do you have this and how did you solve it?
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Author:  Kidakatje [ Thu Sep 16, 2021 12:43 am ]
Post subject:  Do you have this and how did you solve it?

When I start the game and click on a link to take me to the webpage, it opens Internet Explorer.

On an older laptop (with Vista on) I can't even get the links to the website and someone from Microsoft told me to forget IE and go to Edge or Chrome.
I tried, but game still does not show me the links and the guy from Microsoft could not help me and said it's because we don't support Vista for years now.

Since I could still access the links on my newer laptop, I did not really bother, until today when a window showed up, telling me to use Edge, because IE is hardly used by websites anymore.
Maybe the next step is I can not get to the SO website (and forum) using a link, but have to start a browser and go to the website.

Anyone has the same or/and has a solution?

I know I can go to my browser and open the website, but that's not what I want. :lol:

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