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Welcome - Finding a Guild & Ventrilo
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Author:  Cutex [ Tue Jul 28, 2009 6:16 am ]
Post subject:  Welcome - Finding a Guild & Ventrilo

You will find most great hints and tips in the stickyed thread at the top, it was for an event months and months ago, but most of the points are still vaild and very helpful.

You will be constantly asked to join guilds (scouting), but try and talk to members of that guild, find out if they suit you. Every guild is different. Some have houses which play on courses that you might not be able to have access too. Some are great for UK/USA/OZ players due to time zones. Find one that suits you, it doesnt hurt by asking others and playing a few rounds.

Another great part of the game experiance is the Shot Online Vent server. The details can be found on this link. This is all FREE. ... hp?t=16302

If you have a heatset or mic and speakers, come and say hello with other memebers of the community.

Most of all, just have fun, but be respectful to other players.

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