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Attribute points
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Author:  ShotOnlineGM_Wotan [ Tue Jul 28, 2009 1:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Attribute points

Here is where we will index Attribute point tips.

Author:  ShotOnlineGM_Wotan [ Wed Jul 29, 2009 9:25 am ]
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Attribute points

One thing a beginner must remember is to keep impact above power. The optimum variation for this is 4-5 points. While power may seem more important to a begineer, impact will allow the ball to stay truer to the middle of the fairway i.e with impact 4-5 points above power you can hit the ball straighter and hit more fairways. Thus, lowering your score.

Submitted by: samxrm

Author:  ShotOnlineGM_Wotan [ Wed Jul 29, 2009 9:26 am ]
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My TIP is:
Don't waste your hard earned points into stamina, its absolutely pointless in the beginner age. And if you have problems stopping balls on greens due to a low skill, just aim your circle slightly before the green, it will nicely bounce of the fairway providing the ball much better brakes! (usually 1w, 3w, 5w, 3i, 4i, 5i rolls pretty much) Also remember, clothing makes the person!
So get in the clothes shop and buy somthing SEXY. U will get much more respect Smile

Submitted by: DEEF

Author:  ShotOnlineGM_Wotan [ Wed Jul 29, 2009 9:26 am ]
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My advice to beginners is to not worry about trying to put side spin on your tee shots until your power and impact are both above 30. Using side will cause your tee shots to be less accurate especially with moderate to strong winds. Hit them straight for a while first and get use to adjusting slightly to weather conditions.

Submitted by: UMG_Bio

Author:  ShotOnlineGM_Wotan [ Wed Jul 29, 2009 9:26 am ]
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I got 3 tips that helped me the most when I started the game.

1) Get your impact to 5 over your power. DO NOT PUT ANY IN STAMINA! Can't stress that enough. Also, as a beginner and amateur, do not put any in skill. You will not need skill on the low level courses as much as you will need distance. Build up your power to 38-40 and your impact to 43-45 before adding skill. Then add skill exclusively. Skill is not needed on Glads to pass the semi-pro test, distance is.

2) Use a Mageia to lvl up, BUT, only use it on Rufus. Don't waste mag holes on other courses. Play all the courses and have fun, but don't waste the mag on anything other then Rufus where you get the most bang for your buck.

3) Get your handicap on Glads down to -4 BEFORE you reach lvl 41. It is much easier to do and then as soon as you reach level 41 you will be ready for the semi-pro test. Then you will have a whole new experience with SO playing the pro courses. And you can always wear a couple of Capricornus until your skill is up to snuff for the pro courses.

And I will reiterate what has been said many times before in this thread. Have fun. Don't get so consumed with leveling that you play Rufus too much. Make little games for yourself. Choose a course and try and get your handicap down to the negatives. I enjoy leveling as much as the next player, but few things are more fun then just a good round of 18 hole stroke.

Submitted by: BigBen75

Author:  ShotOnlineGM_Wotan [ Wed Jul 29, 2009 9:27 am ]
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Alright, since no one had really posted anything about stats, I'll go ahead and do it. Good stats are an essential part of the game, and there is a basic trend that most players follow. Having said that, it is completely up to you, these are not set in stone so feel free to experiment with them as much as you want.

Best Stat Advice

(I have to make it big print because this is the best stat advice out there, don't even bother listening to what other people say Wink )

This is how SO defines the 4 stats, it's a pretty good basic explanation:

Power- The amount of physical strength you have. Each power point will increase your carry distance on every club.

Impact- This is your ball control. Impact adds loft to your clubs and makes them less sensitive to mis-hits as well as making overpower shots more forgiving.

Stamina- Your resistance and hazard shots performance on the field. The more stamina you have, the less you get fatigued after your shots and the waiting period to decrease your FTG in the Square is shortened. This stat also regulates the power gaps when you hit shots from rough or from bunkers. With a higher stamina stat, the percentage interval is shortened, therefore making your shots (from rough or sand) travel more and be more consistent.

Skill- Skill determines the amount of spin you can apply to your ball. This will magnify your backspin, fade and draw effects adding more distance and curve to them.

And now for the good stuff...


The first stat "target" you want to hit is...

Power: 12
Impact: 16
Skill: 14
Stamina: A waste of stats at this level, leave it at base.

Try to bring your stats up to this point as evenly as possible, but obviously each character will do it differently. I recommend you get your impact up ASAP because you will not be able to control your shots very well until you do.

After your stats are at this point, you can now put all of your points onto power and impact, while keeping impact 4-6 points over power.

Clubs: Stick with the beginners unless you feel like buying item mall clubs.


Continue to add to your power/impact build, that is the best you can do for now (skill is fine at 14). This will help you with your semi pro test at level 41, which requires mainly distance and accuracy.

Clubs: Imo the best (affordable) clubs for amateurs would be:

Hurricane Driver NR
Antique 3w & 5w (item mall ones)
Luna Antique irons
Peacock Green Caim Wedges (item mall ones)
Werdandi Putter (not really necessary, but the slow bar is helpful)

Depending on which character you are, these can be purchased in the auction house for about 100 mil ng (~$25, not too bad).

Or, for those of you who buy npc clubs, I suggest you take a look at the level 27s, which are quite good for your level.

"Low level" Semi-Pros

When you pass the semi test (lvl 41-45 hopefully) you can now start to add to skill.

Power + Impact: Basically keep these where they are, but you might consider adding a stat to each every few levels.
Skill: 36ish
Stamina: Leave it at base.

This is where you will need to start raising your skill, which is needed to play cadeiger (sp course). 36 should be enough to bend around all of the rocks and cliffs that you will need to, so leave it there unless you are having troubles. Higher skill will also add noticeable distance, which you will also need to roll with the big boys.

Once your skill is high enough for the bendy shots at cads, it's back to power and impact raising.
A couple things you should note:

1. There is no point increasing power after 65, it does nothing.
2. You will be able to play fine if you leave your impact in the 45-55 range (while you raise power up to 60-65). I would do it that way, but many players choose to keep impact above power, which also has its benefits.
3. When you are satisfied with your power and impact, you can add more to skill, which will increase distance.
4. A lot of people choose to use the level 59 irons, but I advise against it. They are good clubs, but it is unnecessary to have that 21 stamina that they require.

Clubs: Again, these are the best affordable clubs:

Hybrid Driver NR (it has 4000 shots, which will last a LONG time at cadeiger)
NPC lvl 51 3w & 5w (require 42 impact)
Hurricane or Tempest NR Irons (they are both very accurate)
Peacock Green Caim Wedges (item mall ones)
Werdandi Putter

You should be able to get all these for around 130-140 mil (unless you already have the wedges/putter).

However, if you like spending lots of money on this game, you should be looking at repairable, power fitted nados, hurricanes, and tempests (it might not be worth it though at this level).


This is where stats can get a little tricky, but hopefully you will have enough experience by now to make the tough choices. I'm sure you have heard of the "high skill" build. This is basically when high level players use a fedora to raise their skill to over 100. This is a proven method to add a lot of distance to your shots.

The recommended earliest you can switch to this setup is when you have 170 stat points (ignoring stamina). Just be warned - this new configuration will completely change your game and will take a while to get used to.

Power: 30
Impact: 40
Skill: 100
Stamina: Put it at 1 if you are a TP, or just leave it at base if you aren't.

You will probably need some good stat clothes and zods to get these stats as early as possible, which will probably be around level 70-75. Just remember that there is a risk that you won't like your new stats, so it might be better to wait until you have 180-185 points.

Once you have a solid skill of 105ish, you should probably raise your power and impact up a bit. There is very little advice to give here because everyone has different preferences. I suggest...

Power: 40
Impact: 45
Skill: Every other stat you have
Stamina: As low as possible

Skill will always add more distance to your shots, so just keep adding to that when you have comfortable power and impact.

Clubs: If you're looking at becoming a competitive player, now is the time to start spending money for the best clubs. Otherwise stick with the nr's I suggested for semi pros. Here is the best setup:

Hurricane Driver R (+8 skill)
Hurricane 3w & 5w R ( +8 skill)
Hurricane Irons (+8 skill)
Werdandi Wedges (+8 impact)
Werdandi Putter or Iapetos/Prometheus/Epimetheus (stamina fitted)

The fully-fitted hurricanes are proven to give the best distance and accuracy, and the werdandi wedges are good because of the slow bar and cheap repair cost. The only thing better than these are the +10s, but they are very rare and expensive.

Well that's basically all the advice I have for now, I was unable to find it when I was a beginner, so hopefully this will help a lot of people. Good Luck!

Submitted by : elderboy22

Author:  ShotOnlineGM_Wotan [ Wed Jul 29, 2009 9:27 am ]
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one of the biggest mistakes is watching beginners attempting to use spin and getting themselves into trouble off the fairways. i would recomend the beginners refrain from using spin untill their power and impact are in sync and they have increased their skill level some what. i would also suggest that the beginners and lower level players should not attempt to use spin in any inclemental weather such as rain because the weather just pronounces the effect and these players would just get into deeper trouble. don't worry, your skill will increase and soon you will be able to spin the ball with control and enhance your game rather than hurt it.

Submitted by : kokanee77

Author:  ShotOnlineGM_Wotan [ Wed Jul 29, 2009 9:27 am ]
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ok when you level up from level 1 to 2 and so on,would will get 2 pionts to add to your character.ok where should you put them on power,impact,skill or stamnia.ok as you level up u should try to add them to power and impact and skill when u get to 15 on skill stop ,until u reach over 40 or so,stamnia leave it on and have fun.

Submitted by : warren2002

Author:  ShotOnlineGM_Wotan [ Wed Jul 29, 2009 9:28 am ]
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As a begginner i remember that yellow bar building up really fast. I suggest
that you save up your NGs so you can visit the cafeteria and purchase supplements to lower fatigue. This will let you consistently hit shots that are the same because of low fatigue. I would recommend no fatigue higher than 2000 otherwise things can get a little rough. Rolling Eyes Shocked Cool

Submitted by : HIOMAN

Author:  ShotOnlineGM_Wotan [ Wed Jul 29, 2009 9:28 am ]
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remember to always stock up on energy drinks from the cafeteria in the square prior to rounding, the last thing you want when playing with friends is to become fatigued, which will hinder your game.

another helpful tip, is the best value for ng drink is the 'rosemary nectar'.

Submitted by : WolfisKnights

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