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Author:  ShotOnlineGM_Wotan [ Wed Jul 29, 2009 9:33 am ]
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For beginners who achieve amatuer status and being to play on Rufus Arena, the first thing you're gonna notice is how bad the sand plays, well first thing you want to do is chart your irons and wedges at the driving range, simply chart for every 5%, base start is 20% and go by 5% up to 105%, once you do that, I personally don't chip out of the sand with my Sand Wedge when I'm close to the hole, however I do use my sand wedge chart and add about 8 yards for close range shots and 12-15 yards if I'm a bit further away. It will depend on your personal preference, the course itself is not consistent, so you definitely will have to adjust accordingly, watch the lie of your ball in the sand also and compensate. Anyway, that's the Hemi tutorial for Rufus Arena, hope this helps!

Submitted by: HemiPower

Author:  ShotOnlineGM_Wotan [ Wed Jul 29, 2009 9:33 am ]
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1. The shorter the shot... the less the wind will have an effect on the ball.
2. Rufus sand is 18% more power.
3. For each 1 m/s of wind the ball will carry 5 yards.
4. If your lie is up-hill, your ball will not carry as far. Use top-spin.
5. If your lie is down-Hill, it will carry further. Use bottom-spin.
6. Normal sand bunkers add 5-15% power….use your own judgement.
7. Clouds subtract 6% off max distance of your clubs. Add additional 10% for additional rain.
8. Full Draw or Fade (red dot at 9 or 3 o’clock) can add as much as 30 yards to your shot.
9. Over-power in the yellow will add carry but if its red it will reduce it.
10. Repairing you clubs after every game is not necessary. The Durability is the amount of GAMES you enter. i.e. Durability 500, you can play 500 games before it will cost you the
maximum amount of NG to repair them.
11. 2 piece balls carry farther and 3 piece have better accuracy.

Submitted by: OpSpec

Author:  ShotOnlineGM_Wotan [ Wed Jul 29, 2009 9:34 am ]
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Don't know if this has been said or not. 7 pages is a lot to go through.

My tip is about wind.
This has helped me be even closer to the pin and also got me a couple more HIOs.

Wedges(AW PW SW): For every .6 wind, arrow keys, move one right or left. (3.6 West = 6 right or left)

9i, 8i, 7i: For every .7 wind, arrow keys, move one right or left. (2.1 East = 3 right or left)

6i: For every .8 wind, arrow keys, move one right or left. (4.0 West = 5 right or left)

5w, 4i, 5i: For every .9 wind, arrow, keys move one right or left. (6.3 East = 7 right or left)

3w, 3i: For every 1.0 wind, arrow keys, move one right or left. ( 1.0 West = 1 right or left)

1w: For every 1.2 wind, arrow keys, move one right or left. (3.6 East = 3 right or left)

Now say the wind is going to be northwest, northeast, southwest, southeast. These do not move as much as regular East and West would. What I found that helps me is usually to subtract one from what the wind says. I.E. 5m NW Wind with 3w would be 4 right.

Another useful tip. The higher you are from the hole the more your ball wind be taken by the wind. The lower you are from the hole your ball will move less because it's not in the air as long. This is when extreme conditions are in effect. 3m downhill will not move nearly as much as 20m downhill. My suggestion is to add at least 1-2 more arrow keys to compensate for the lower hole and 1-2 keys less for the higher holes.

Your best bet is to play around with it. The better you know your wind and what your irons do, the more HIOs you will hit and the lower your HC will go.

Hope this helps. If you have any questions please PM me in game. My toon's name is Smownage.

Submitted by : Smitty

Author:  ShotOnlineGM_Wotan [ Wed Jul 29, 2009 9:34 am ]
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ok heres a few tips regarding playing your shots with rain or cloud.

Firstly shot-online actualy help us at the beggining of the game by giving usefull tips .Most ppl just close down the tips or ignore em but u should always read em as they r only there to help.

Ok shot online tell us cloud will affect your ball by 6% ,and rain by 11-12%

Here is how to work out where to put yer circle when playing rain or clouds

Example 1: you are 275 yards from the green and its raining your ball is on a flat lie and there is no wind of note.Rather than guess where to put yer circle use the 12% rule(you will need to be able to add up ofcourse,although a higher in mathematics aint required).

So 275 to pin in rain.Firstly change to putter and tab out so you can see yer putter on pin,Thats yer 275 distance.Now change to a club and put your circle in middle of pin.Now move circle forward past the pin using the red dot or by changing clubs.Here is the important bit 1 full circle = about 9 yards(this is when the solid part of the circle,not the flashing part is touching pin and the rest of circle is fully past the pin.Ok this would be 8-9 yards past.

Now u worked out earlier that u need to go 30 yards past the hole on this occasion because 12% of 275 is about 30/31 yards.By using the circle and basing it on a 8-9 yard basis for every 1 full circle you move.You would work it out that u need to be 3 and 1/2 circles past the pin.Obviously there is other aspects to take into consideration.For Example if its a 3w your using you will need to alow for green bounce where as if its a 5i with a little spin it will most likely sit and hold the green.

Use the same calculations for clouds except add 6% instead of 11-12%.Or with clouds u can hit 105% and it will play your circle.This works extremely well untill you switch to a higher skill set up, then playing 105 tends to play shorter than circle,

Hope you find this helpfull as it has helped me heaps as i leveled up through the levels in search of that magical level 100 status.

Good Luck & Have Fun

bigbudsmoker1 Proud GetInTheHoleâ„¢ Founder

Submitted by : bigbudsmoker

Author:  ShotOnlineGM_Wotan [ Wed Jul 29, 2009 9:34 am ]
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My tip is regarding wind, something that took me months to understand and wish someone had explained to me when I was a beginner.
We all know that headwind hurts the ball's distance and that tailwind helps the ball travel further but what a lot of beginners do not understand is the sidewind. That can be a little more tricky.
First off, when having a direct right to left wind <<<<. That wind acts as it is somewhat tailwind and the ball will actually travel farther especially when using spin and left to right wind>>>> will most likely hurt the distance the ball travels.
This will become more apparent as you level but I've seen it over and over again that someone cant understand why the ball went long with that right to left wind.
If any beginner has any question to this feel free to pm me anytime.
My ingame name is Stumplee

Hope this helps

Submitted by : stumplee

Author:  ShotOnlineGM_Wotan [ Wed Jul 29, 2009 9:35 am ]
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Remember all those tips when you first started playing? Here's some reminders.
Bunker shots; Rufus add 10% to your shot, other course bunkers add 6-8%

Hitting into a Head Wind ball will travel higher and at a shorter distance.
Hitting with a tail wind ball will travel low and farther.
You can lose up to 6% on a shot during Cloudy weather.
You can lose up to 17% during Rainy weather.

Watch you temperature on each course. Ball will travel farther in Warmer conditions but will land short in cold weather. 30 degrees is hot weather and 21 degrees is very cold.

If you're a Right handed player and your Left Foot is higher then your right, the ball will travel short. If the Right Foot is higher the ball will travel long and sometimes fast. The opposite will apply if you're a Zyg player.
Right hander players, if the ball is Above the feet, the ball will curve Left during the shot. If the ball is Below the feet it will curve Right. The opposite applies if you're a Zyg left handed player.

Be sure to repair your clubs often.
Don't forget to rest often to reduce the fatigue level.

Finally, have Fun, enjoy the game and meet new players from around the world.

Submitted by : MuleBoy

Author:  ShotOnlineGM_Wotan [ Wed Jul 29, 2009 9:35 am ]
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your circle will show added/removed distance for your target being below/above you. It is critical to point out that when hitting to an elevated green, your ball will roll less than usual, and any wind that affects the ball will do so less (because the ball is in the air for a shorter period of time). The opposite is true for greens below you. When shooting to a low green, remember that the ball is going to hit and roll like a mutha, so compensate with some backspin.

Submitted by : InHo

When you are in the bunker close to the green I use that tip Smile

Take the distance,

For Instance, if you are at 20y

Multiply that by 2 = 40 + 30 = your purcentage = 70% here

Its a pretty easy tip in order to get out of the bunkers.

When you begin to lvl up a bit just do +20% instead of +30% Smile

Submitted by : gregounech

Author:  ShotOnlineGM_Wotan [ Wed Jul 29, 2009 9:35 am ]
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Chipping out of sand can be difficult, especially for new players. This method will help you guage and control your ball the best that you can.

First, this works only on chipping out of sand, no long shots. Distance should be 30 yards or less to the pin.

1) Multiply the distance between you and the hole by 1.5. So, in your mind, a 16 yard chip should be viewed as being 24 yards.

2) Determine the power % on the shot bar necessary for the yardage in 1) above. If you have charted your wedges you should know that power %. (see charting in other posts).

3) add 15% to your power on the shot. For example, if you determine that your power % on the shot bar for 24 yards is 60% then your target shpt % should be 75%.

4) Add in full backspin. You can backspin the ball by right clicking on the white shot ball towards the bottom of the ball (about 2/3 from center to bottom).

5) Be aware that your ball will roll after it hits the green. If your impact is less than 20 reduce step 3 to 5%, from 20 - 30 impact 10% should be ok.

Hope this helps you get out of those annoying sand traps.

Submitted by : buller64

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