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Author:  ShotOnlineGM_Wotan [ Tue Jul 28, 2009 1:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Items / Clubs / Club specific tips

Here is where we will index tips on Items / Clubs / Club specific tips.

Author:  ShotOnlineGM_Wotan [ Wed Jul 29, 2009 9:36 am ]
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3pc balls will give you more control on the greens, I use them up to level 40-45.

When chipping onto the green aim for the front and let the ball roll to the pin, use this strategy until you gain more stopping control of the ball.

Keep your skill around half of your level until you get into your 40's.

Submitted by: utahratt

Author:  ShotOnlineGM_Wotan [ Wed Jul 29, 2009 9:36 am ]
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Beginners look no further!
this is my tip i think it is very useful.
when putting,always look at the lines on the green,that is,the little lines you see going either left or right.they are almost moving.they move according the the putting line being either straight or not!
these lines that you see moving tell you how slopy or straight the putt should be.
so if for instance they move from left to right,it means the ball will go to the right if you putted it straight.
you must always set up your putt to putt in the opposite direction to these the general rule is,the move that they move one way,you must always putt just as much the other way!
you have to actually be in a putting position and on the green to see what i mean clearly,maybe.
between where you are standing to putt and the hole,you should see some horizontal lines moving,from one side to the other.then you decide if you think that these lines are moving more to the left or to the right,and angle your putt the opposite direction of them accordingly.
you better believe me when i say this works amazingly is a fail-safe putting technique,not many beginners figure this out right away,either.

Submitted by: camillia1

Author:  ShotOnlineGM_Wotan [ Wed Jul 29, 2009 9:37 am ]
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1) The driver is only for the tee to use
The 1W you should really just at the point deduction. If you before 2.hit forgets to change the racket, the ball is most likely over land, but not because wherever it wants. So always think tuned!

2) The balls landing in the goal circle, but then continue to roll
If you blow everything right when made, the ball is usually after the landing more or less strongly continue to roll. It uses nothing exactly the target circle on the flag out because of the strike will usually be too far. This is especially true for broad strokes with wood or iron. Dear So with a little less power, or a "smaller" racket work.

Submitted by: Fechter

Author:  ShotOnlineGM_Wotan [ Wed Jul 29, 2009 9:37 am ]
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Pay attention to where the ball will land after a drive. It is better to land short on a flat spot than drive for maximum distance onto a slope. Use a 3W or even 5W instead of reducing power on your driver, the ball won't roll as far after it lands.

Also, you can use a 3W at low power to go under trees when you would otherwise hit a limb with an iron or wedge.

Submitted by: nortx

Author:  ShotOnlineGM_Wotan [ Wed Jul 29, 2009 9:37 am ]
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This is a tip for the newer players wondering about the better irons in the game:

The Best Irons For you:

Before I get into the comparison, this is about the best irons in the game (Tempest and Hurricane) for beigginers and pros alike. They both generally hit the exact same yardage. If it isn't the same its off by like .5 or so. I noticed the tempest hit about 0.8 further with 3 iron in driving range. So it's not even a matter of which is better for distance/height/spin etc.

Tempest Irons
- The Good: The thing with tempest is, it has a slow bar. That's really nice for hitting your right % on power you want without doing click after click after click with a faster bar (especially a 3iron or 4iron) to get that perfect %.

- The Bad: However, with the tempest irons, if you don't hit the 0 or close to it, you WILL notice the shank with a medium to low impact build with high skill, it's not even arguable.

Hurricane Irons
- The Good: Pretty much the opposite of Tempest. You can have your high skill build with medium to low impact and have good results on missing the zero. When I say missing the zero, I mean anywhere inside the yellow area almost acts as just missing by a couple of pixels (big plus).

- The Bad: If you're running low on time and need to hit that % you want, it wont always end up that good. The 3iron and 4iron have the fastest bar of any of your clubs if I'm not mistaken. Generally it will take a few attempts to get the % you want before you end up happy. This can be annoying at times.

- General play: If you're doing wagers or just playing EXP rounds with friends. I would say the Hurricanes are the best way to go, period. Unless you run high impact build which you can use the tempest no problem.

- Tournament play: For the one-click tournaments or 45 second clock, Tempest irons are no doubt the winner in these. If you need to hit 105 for a shot, you can't trust the Hurricanes too much, if you go over on accident you're done, you can't redo it.

- If you have to keep one: I think the clear winner is the Hurricane set. You can learn to use the faster bar petty easily since most of your other clubs are anyway. The goods surpass the bads for leveling up.


Hope that tip helps people out Smile

Submitted by: Munkey505

Author:  ShotOnlineGM_Wotan [ Wed Jul 29, 2009 9:38 am ]
Post subject: 

Ok I'll start with putting.

I have to say it's probably the most important aspect of the game. Driving's for show, putting's for dough!

1 - I prefer to navigate using the mouse, but you can use the cursor keys (left and right arrows).
2 - Best to practise this on the easy courses - Alf or Sosori as they have pretty flat greens.
3 - Get to know your putting distances by percentages, and write them down if you feel it helps.
4 - It's handy to note that if putting from the Green Edge, use Alt + G to get the green contour.
5 - Remember that if you are putting from the Green Edge and your putt it over 12 yards, there is a high chance of a shank.
6 - If putting from the Green Edge, the ball will react more to the contours of the green - i.e. if you think its 40% 3 right, go 4 right and it will be a better aim.
7 - Uphill putts need more juice than downhill putts - i.e. a 6 yard downhill putt needs less % than an uphill putt.
8 - Uphill putts react less to green countours than downhill putts
9 - Try out different putters and see which one suits best

Now chipping - again pretty important

1 - Get a good set of wedges. I use Werdani wedges as they have a slow bar but are expensive to buy. Peacocks, Tempests and Hurricanes are also good.
2 - Chart your wedges REGULARLY. As your stats change, your distances will as well. There is nothing more frustrating than driving to within 10 yards fo the green and ballooning your chip 8 yards past!
3 - Use spin wisely. If chipping to a raised green, use backpin with caution. Play about with spin on your own and see what happens.
4 - Practise with imagination. Try using different wedges at different percentages and see the difference. A sand wedge has very little roll, but maybe an AW or PW hit at a lower % will achieve a better outcome.
5 - You can chip on the greens and use Alt + G to get the green contour. BUT BEWARE AS THE BAR MOVES AT LIGHTENING QUICK SPEED!
6 - Best used close to green, off the tee (once you get to a higher level) and occasionally on the green - if your partner leaves you a 40ft chance!

Iron play - the meat and veg of golf

1 - Try out different irons. Use the ones that feel best to you.
2 - Again, use spin wisely. The same principals apply to irons re spin as wedges.
3 - Chart your irons and get imaginative with shots - a 70% 7i can be deadly!
4 - Watch the trajectory and roll of your irons. As above, an underhit clubs might suit the shot better than a full strength shot that goes higher.
5 - Best used off the tee and on the fairway.


1 - As with the rest of the clubs, select a good set of Woods. Tornado or Hurricanes are the best in the game.
2 - Best used off the tee and on the fairway.
3 - Again, watch the way the ball flies and how is rolls in impact

Driver - the big stick!

1 - Get yourself a Tornado or Hybrid Driver. These are without question the best driver in the game for level 1 - 99. A Hurricane is good when at a lower level as it has a slow bar.
2 - Do NOT use your driver anywhere but on the tee.

OK, now weather and wind

1 - Rain will take around 12% off your shot - for a 100 yard shot, hit for 112 yards
2 - Clouds will take around 6% off your shot - for a 100 yard shot, hit for 106
3 - Temperature has a big effect on your shot. The lower the temperature, the shorter distance your shot will go. A shot hit at 30 degrees will land in the centre of the aiming circle. A shot hit at 21 degrees wil land at the bottom of the aiming circle.
4 - The ball moves more in the air if using side spin when raining and cloudy. Move a little more when aiming to compensate this.
5 - Wind has a different effect on every club. 1m/s side wind will move a wedge shot more than a wood. For SW I use 1 click for every 0.6 m/s side wind but for Driver it's 1 click per 1.2 m/s wind. All other clubs are somewhere in between. Practise with different winds on the range and chart accordingly.

Spin (Skill Stat)

1- The skill stat allows you to shape your shots by applying spin to the ball using the red dot on on the ball at the bottom of the page. Play around with this until you are comfortable.
2 - Compensate for the angle the ball is coming from when aiming. When using spin, the ball IS NOT coming from a straight angle, and therefore may even be coming from 90 degrees if your skill stat is high enough. When the ball hits the ground it will continue on the path it was on and may even bend even more if on the green. I see high level players who don't do this and it drives me crazy!
3 - The ball moves more when using spin on a cloudy or rainy hole. Remember this.

Stat setup

For a lower level, it is best to stick to a high power/ impact build. Power levels out at 65. Once you hit a power stat of 65, start adding to your skill. A skill stat of up to 35 is more than enough when still adding to power. ALWAYS KEEP IMPACT ABOVE POWER or it's shank o'clock! I found that when a lower level, impact 2 above power was more than enough.

Stat clothes and club fittings

1 - Stat clothes will be incorporated into your stats as soon as you put them on.
2 - Club fittings are only applied when you have the club in your hand - remember this and set your stats accordingly. No point in having a +5 Power driver if when you use it your power stat becomes 3 above your impact.
3 - Fit all clubs the same. If you fit one with +5 Power, fit them all with +5 power. If you have any spare slots after fitting them the same, go for skill with th rest.

The aiming Circle

1 - The ball will LAND in the centre of the aiming circle if you hit it 100% with a perfect shot - weather dependant of course. Remember to allow for roll when aiming and hitting your shots.

And finally. Listen to others. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience to be shared in the game. If in doubt, ask someone and I'm sure they will point you in the right direction. That's my War and Peace, someone please fill in the gaps!

Level 97 TP
-31 HC
Proud Member of OldFeckers

Submitted by: Smashed

if buying clubs from auction to use make sure the club is useable on your toon ,, like dont buy a belzs clubs if you are a zyg

it does happen wen your new trust me im not ashamed to say i did it

Submitted by: pg1965

Author:  ShotOnlineGM_Wotan [ Wed Jul 29, 2009 9:38 am ]
Post subject: 

This is a simple tip regarding golf balls. Whatever type of ball you decide to use, always keep at least 1 extra set in your inventory ( i keep 3 -4 sets ). That way if you should happen to run out of balls during a game, you can open your inventory, Right Click on the your back-up balls and they will load into your golf bag even during a game! Otherwise you will have to use the default balls which dont really play too well.

Submitted by: phillythesnake

Author:  ShotOnlineGM_Wotan [ Wed Jul 29, 2009 9:38 am ]
Post subject: 

First of all I would like to welcome all the beginners.

My first advice would be the get a good clubs. I suggest if you don’t have the NG’s to buy in the square or auction house; then purchase the amateur pack or beginner pack on the website. I would suggest you wait till u get to level 21 and then purchase the amateur pack. Also there are great deals on the website for new buyers and new to the game.

The Amateur pack includes the following:

-Spinel Aeolos driver
-Pathos antique 3W
-Pathos antique 5W
-Luna antique Irons set
-Peacock Green Caim AW
-Peacock Green Caim PW
-Peacock Green Caim SW
-Apatite Stereos putter
-Mageia II
-Cyma II
-Anemos 2PC
-Fedora A100

-- Clubs

I used Spinal Aeolos driver when I was an amateur and I loved it, great for accuracy and distance. The Pathos antique 3w and 5w are very strong and well help in Rufus alot.The Peacock Wedges are very helpful in rough, sand, or just fairway. The Apatite Steroes Putter is a bit strong putter but if you like to power putt it will help a lot. With the Amateur pack you also get a Mageia, Cyma, Anemos 2pc and Fedora A100; A Mageia helps you level faster by giving you double the experience earned. Cyma helps you make NG in game faster by tripling the NG by putting out. Anemos 2pc helps you increase in distance and accuracy by giving 1+ power and 1+ impact on your stats. And Finally Fedora A100 helps change your stats by lowering it to the base of the character.

-- Clothes

My second advice would be after getting all your clubs and items such as a Mageia and Cyma. Is to think on making your character in game look good and have good quality stats on the clothes. Once in a while Shotonline provides on the website a sale on clothes on special events such as; Halloween Clothes; Fall Clothes, Spring Clothes, and the list goes on. There are two ways of getting decent clothes for your character; one is Purchasing on the website; second buying with NG in square or Bidding on it in the Auction House.

-- Leveling

My third advice is after getting your clubs and items and clothes that will improve your gaming, is to focus on leveling you character. The best way to level faster is to play Foursome Mode in Rufus with a Mageia. It will be hard at first but soon you will learn the course and by leveling you get 2 extra stat points which can help your accuracy and distance.

-- Charting

My fourth advice is to charting you Pw, Aw, Sw this will help you greatly in Rufus or any other course. To chart your clubs go to Cerdiwen in the square and choose the option driving range. You can chart your clubs for every 10% or every 5% which ever you choose will help you most.

My finally advice is to have fun and make new friends from wide different multicultural backgrounds from all over the world. Very Happy

Also if you still have questions you can always find a SOMaster in the square. They have a ? on top of their character and will be gladly help you on your questions.

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Submitted by: realignorent

Author:  ShotOnlineGM_Wotan [ Wed Jul 29, 2009 9:39 am ]
Post subject: 

When you want to play a game and you can't get into the portal because it you get a message check your golfbag, most of the time it is because your golfballs ran out
Go to Freya and buy the plain white 3pc balls, they are more forgiving
The message can also be becauce your clubs need repairing
Go to Clelic who repairs clubs, but not only your clubs, he also repairs the plain white balls from Freya, witch will save you a lot of NG
Best thing to to is make a habit of having your stuff repaired on regular basis

When you are on a cource and you use the tabkey to see where your ball will end up, but the view is straight to the landingpoint, just hit the homekey and try again
This will bring back the flight effect

Submitted by: Kidakatje

Author:  ShotOnlineGM_Wotan [ Wed Jul 29, 2009 9:39 am ]
Post subject: 

Attention Beginners!

For the very early levels, no need to waste time with powerful drivers like hurricane and tornado because u wont be able to control them.
Prob be best to start with tempest cuz of the slow bar, it will be easier for you to produce accurate shots.
Once you get the hang of hitting 100 and 0 constantly, then you will be ready for the big boy drivers.

Another tip is not to beg people in the sqaure cuz then they aint gonna wnt to play with you.

!Hit Em Hard and Good Games!

Submitted by: freeway19

Author:  ShotOnlineGM_Wotan [ Wed Jul 29, 2009 9:39 am ]
Post subject: 

My tip would involve putting style reflected in a lower level character. A new player must remember that a 3 yard putt often means 40% power or more.... this can be deceiving to a beginner.

one Tip I have seen no one mention is that when putting from the green edge, a putter will shank (jump left or right) after 62%.

Good Luck and most important thing is to have fun!

Submitted by: funkyfresh88

Author:  ShotOnlineGM_Wotan [ Wed Jul 29, 2009 9:39 am ]
Post subject: 

u should always check after hitting of the tee that u have not got ur driver in ur hand if u dont have a free cady u should get 1 and hold on to ur ng so u can save up or u can buy some campus cash to make some ng ut if ya do get some campus cash make sure u buy a werdandi sw 4 ur self to use. and gl

Submitted by : stingray94

Author:  ShotOnlineGM_Wotan [ Wed Jul 29, 2009 9:40 am ]
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Hello as a beginner you have to realise that you need to start with basic clubs or purchase online clubs, next with your wedges its good to go to the driving range and take each wedge and hit it at 5% then !0% 15% and so on and write down the power % and the yards it goes then you will know in game what you need to use according to your wedge chart.....In game name is Merlin977th this character was created on gamecampus server...thank you and good luck

Submitted by : merlin977th

Author:  ShotOnlineGM_Wotan [ Wed Jul 29, 2009 9:40 am ]
Post subject: 

My tip is to start off with this set if possible.

Driver : emerald

Woods : 3w and 5w antique

Irons: antique

Wedges : peacock

Putter ; Own pref

Id say this is the perfect set from players level 1-51 if you have alot of NG u could change the driver with Nado/Hybrid , woods Hurricane , irons hurri or tempest , wedges werdandi , again putter your choice .

Fitting theese sets

If u would like to fitt the clubs this is the fittind id suggest .

1w ... power

3w .. power

5w.. power

irons ... skill

wedges ...impact but recently i was told stam is good as it help accuracy from rough and sand

putter ... no point in fitting unless for extra power

Putting ..

When putting i tend to take a rough guess ... within 4 yard u will need no more than 0.5 yards to eithir side ... between 30-35% wiil work ..

Hope this can help .. crime << still a noob myself

Submitted by : crimelord

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