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 Post subject: Green Attack for the Beginner
PostPosted: Sun Mar 25, 2018 11:37 am 

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The first person to hit a tee shot or a three times shot to stick it to a hole in the hole with an ongrin.

Running is often longer than I thought, so I have trouble with it.

Usually, if you put the indie in the hole and hit him at 2 small clubs,

Calculate it for a run, roll it almost to the right place,

You'll need to take a little bit of a break between the ages of 21 and 40.

In the case above, we took a snapshot with the basic club based on the flat ground, so please refer to it.

From now on, I'll give you some tips on how to stick to the hole cup.

Number one : make a habit of the Alt+G key.

The Alt+G key is a very important abbreviated key for viewing the slope of the green and shot points.

Apparently, he plays it the same way with an eight-iron, but sometimes he plays it longer, sometimes shorter.

You get confused sometimes when you come out?

This is because the shot points are shot in the downhill or up hill.

For eight-iron, press the Alt+G short-cut key to get the shot point raI up rather than over the indie

It comes out longer in a short decline than it does in an indie voice. The greater the gradient, the greater the gap

It grows. If you can't see it from the top or bottom up

Hold the mouse right in the middle of the screen and move the

You can have it go into more detail.

To return to the original position, press the tab twice.

Since shots from the 8 iron to the wedge gradually increase the trajectory, they can be found on the same slope.

The distance is longer or shorter.

But for some degree, from 7 to 4, driving distance is not affected much.

Drag-Five is low on trajectory when it's downhill, so it flies in the air.

Rather, when driving distance is reduced and a little elevated, it is longer than expected.

You can also keep in mind, understand the principle, and enjoy the game.

When you get used to it, you don't have to use the hot key later, but you can look at the character's position.

You can see the slope.

And if you look at the right and left, then the ball curves to the left.

To the right, turn to the right, and then turn right or left one or two squares.

You move, you take a shot, and you fly in the right direction. And the thing to notice here is

If you have left and right slopes, the distance is slightly less, so refer to them.

Second, the way to see the weather well.

Jwapung or spaces to one rudder shot, average per one meter upung.

The wedges are highly ballistic and so under heavy wind pressure that you can see a little more.

At three meters, the wind is strong at ninety percent ; at three meters, it is strong at 110 percent.

Hit. The distance between clubs is about 10 percent, so if you use a six-iron machine,

If it is three winds, hit it with seven iron or cut it with 90 percent force.

If it's three headwinds, you can hit it with five iron.

The caution here is that when it comes to the green

It happens, so it's about 88 percent off the mark, and the headwinds are relatively low.

It's about 112 percent.

When it rains, the driving distance ranges from 80 to 85 percent, so it is converted to 4.5 meters on the head wind.

You can pay.

The distance between the clubs above is not correct and about 20 percent in the case of 8 and 9 iron.

If you think the intergroffice distance difference is 10 percent,

There is a possibility of chaos, so please change the club, see the indie before shooting.

Temperature is calculated based on the 26 degree temperature in my case, but the temperature is about 5 percent.

There's more distances, and at 22 degrees, there's a decrease of about five percent.

It's tiny, but I think I hit it correctly when I put it on the green.

If it comes out longer, check the temperature.

And finally, it is habit to see and shoot a picture of a blue raI

Raise it.

If you're going down, of course, you have to leave the indie a little bit in front of you and back up a little bit when you're up.

I'd better.

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