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 Post subject: Just Started.. what do i do
PostPosted: Sat Oct 22, 2011 3:33 pm 

Joined: Sat Oct 22, 2011 3:31 pm
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So just donwloaded game whats the first thing i should do for a beginner ?

Best clubs ?

How to get easy XP ?

etc ..

 Post subject: Re: Just Started.. what do i do
PostPosted: Sat Oct 22, 2011 10:51 pm 
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Hi Oguyna and Welcome to ShotOnline,

There's quite a lot to learn but it's easy and straight-forward, you'll pick-up a lot of it by simply playing but also have a click & read through these following links as they will help you to get on your way, 99% of all beginners questions have already been answered and addressed on this forum so browsing is the best way.....

viewtopic.php?f=35&t=19677 < This link will help you with EXP and in-game money known as NG etc.

viewtopic.php?f=35&t=19673 < This link will help you with charting your clubs etc.

viewtopic.php?f=35&t=19674 < This link will help you with building your characters stats etc.

viewtopic.php?f=35&t=19676 < This link will help explain about the various items and club info etc.

viewtopic.php?f=35&t=19675 < This link will help teach you about playing from different lies and about the weather etc.

viewtopic.php?f=35&t=19678 < This link will tell you about the various quests, tests & events which will help you progress

These links to tips and advice are all taken from the Beginners Tips section (where there's even more advice & tips) and will answer pretty much every question you will have right now, so have a browse, read carefully and keep coming back to read between games and during down times like maintenance etc. etc. as they will only help you to improve your game ok !!

The following link will take you to the Gameplay Tips & Tricks section which is another good source of info for new players as well, have a browse through the posts in the top section of this link 1st (the Announcements section) then progress later-on......


Most players play on the 'Vallar Server' which is the right-hand one as you log-in and also remember that you can always speak to people in the square or on the field so feel free to simply ask someone (best to ask a more seasoned & higher level player) if you get stuck or want to know something as most players are happy to help out beginners !!

You asked about which clubs are best, well there are a quite a few to choose from so here's a link to a comprehensive club comparison guide as they each have their own feel and gameplay style so you'll be doing a bit of trial and error until you find the clubs which suit you and your style ok......


Here's another link to a section which is full of random tips from all types of players, some from players that haven't long started the game right up to the long standing veterans of the game, but they're all things that they feel will help new players when starting out......


And last but not least, golf is meant to be a relaxing game so remember, take your time to learn the game and you'll grow with it and practice, practice, practice but above all else....Enjoy yourself as it's only a game, there's no rush as this game is meant to last you many years, so don't stress that you haven't got the best shirt or clubs yet as you'll get the items and clothing you want in time as there's plenty to play for and look forward to.....

Personally, I've been playing since the start of 2004 and I'm STILL hooked today (as you can read in my signature haha) so if you would like anymore advice etc. then feel free to add me to your Friends List (my in-game character name is phil336) or simply Private Message me anytime and I'll be happy to help you ok !!

Anyway, I hope this helps ya mate, Welcome, Good Luck & Enjoy,

!! See ya on the Field................Happy Golfing !! 8-)

!! Back from Unintentional Break / Thanks to ALL for the Welcome Returns !!

!! Started SO beginning of 2004 & Still addicted today !! ;)

!! Lv.100 TP due to break /-24 !!

!! Don't Think....................................Just Do !!

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