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fix old problems not make more
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Author:  gazza73 [ Sun Jan 08, 2017 8:57 pm ]
Post subject:  fix old problems not make more

hello shotonline , i like this game, because i can talk with friends i have made from all over the world,
this game has become so over loaded with Skittles stuff we dont need, its golf, no army shooting Skittles,,
i am australian and where can i get an aussie shirt from, or cap, ?? no where,
why bring bear lake, what a waste of space, you havent fixed the currant problems like fix SKY, it still glitchy, but hey keep adding more crap to the game, usless junk, no need for all the crap just to play this game, no wonder theres so many problems with this game, useless junk we dont need, also the 1048 problems, the old loading system works better than the new one, what the hell,
i know its all about the money, not about the friends in the game, i dont get why people want to level fast, there is nothing to do after 150, bear lake is dinosaur, way too long fairways, I DONT LOVE BEAR LAKE< its bull Skittles, fix the other courses we already have, ,, make some more courses like real courses, not like cads or gleiger, what happen to Kwak,
just horrible , making more problems, instead of fixing problems,
from gazzaace

Author:  QuickRacer [ Mon Jan 09, 2017 6:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: fix old problems not make more

Well said

No way will I ever Play Bear Lake with Fair ways like HF and OB on both side with is not a fun course. Courses like That and BF don't need to be in the game, BF is hard enough with out the temp. if it was 25C would still be a killer course, Happy Forest is ok just need wider Fair Ways or at least some places were you have a haft way level landing spot. They made Cads way harder for anyone under 100 and the EXP is the same they should have put it back were it was years ago

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