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 Post subject: state of this game
PostPosted: Tue Jul 02, 2019 1:57 am 

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ok webzen u put everyday box sale on lmao …………..there wernt even one page of them boxes in auction looooool

why cause they full of rubbish no one bought only the few stupid peeps

we do not need this boxes ………. look at name of box says it all every day lol put that rubbish in item mall then its everday if we want the rubbish then we can go buy it like anyday we want loool

pleta boxes says get best exp items in game …..ok well i know few peeps who bought did not even get exp item no mag no thurgs all low durability loads balls …...why is there balls in pleta boxes 90% of peeps now got perm balls but u still fill the pleta wit them …...why aint ball out of the boxes we pay money for put them in the item mall now we do not need balls if got perm 50%
like peeps gonna take out perm 50% ball to put 40% meno in hahaha

ive been here from start of this game and u banned me countless times for posting ok one or 2 swear words but if u was on end of being robbed blind by this game then i think u be angry..... spec when i hear of my guildies spending $1000s on boxes get all junk

remember the post from Webzen everyone

a word from the developers we are now 7 months since that post …..they have done nothing looool

better communication bla bla

how bout someone from webzen get on here and explain to us how u can put this rubbish in the boxes we pay good money for ??

why aint u followed up this word from devs post

this server is run like kindergarden u do not care we get all the bad stuff …..bad service bad boxes bugged out to hell no one from webzen that actuly do something bout these issue"s all we get is same copy and paste auto responces even after asking 3/4 times in dnq u get same answers nothing to do wit what u asked lol then u get told u will be banned for multi tickets in dnq lmao hows that work????

this is no rant this is facts about this game …………….it is easy to fix this problem and people mite just spend more if they know that they aint gonna spend and get nothing to exp with...…... so many peeps i know wont come bk cause of how u run this game ………………… swearing no abuse here do not ban me for this post please come answer it Webzen explain pls

 Post subject: Re: state of this game
PostPosted: Tue Jul 02, 2019 2:30 am 
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Totally agree with this. Please review the box content and the percentage of opening good items, at least make them worth buying, it will benefit both sides.

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 Post subject: Re: state of this game
PostPosted: Tue Jul 02, 2019 5:34 am 

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100% agree. Ive been playing on and off since beta! once the wales stop spending money what you gonna do? You reward us top paying customers with 10% extra exp for 90 days? What a slap in face. You should have labeled the everyday box the swing trainer/ ring box because that was 80% of the drop rate. Trash!

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 Post subject: Re: state of this game
PostPosted: Wed Jul 03, 2019 8:13 am 

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Totally Agree!!!

thats a fact.. that the support dont look to make the best for the players.. only to look to make money..

bad thinking..
but any day they will see and change it.. i hope so...

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