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Shot Online does't want to hear any negative feedback.
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Author:  drywallguy [ Mon Nov 18, 2019 12:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Shot Online does't want to hear any negative feedback.

You keep moving the threads to the rants section but I will keep making threads until you ban me or you answer my questions.

Why do you keep jacking the wind and weather up?

You know damn well St. Bay, Cad's, and Glieger wasn't designed to be played in the winds and weather that you have in the game right now. I want to play with a developer who can play hole 11 on St. Bay with a 4.1 wind in your face and rain.

There are players complaining that the wind is reacting different in the last month or so also.

Why don't we have decent and honest Shot Online representatives answering to the players?

Vokhese is about as useless as milking a frog when it comes down to our questions and complaints. His pre canned responses are a insult. (Submit a DQ&A) (Will contact the dev's)

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