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How to Activate Santa Hammer, better known as MC Hammer
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Author:  iliche [ Wed Dec 09, 2020 4:44 am ]
Post subject:  How to Activate Santa Hammer, better known as MC Hammer

Hello Guys, many of you don't know how to use the Santa Hammers, so let me help you all.
Actually their are called " M.C Hammers", thats right, the singer with the hit "Can't touch this".
But let me explain, They could not used the word "M.C" because of copy rights ,so the word 'Santa' was used instead.
You take the MC( santa) Hammer and give it to the NPC santa or ceridwen, that will activate the key (7) on your keyboard, the same key use at Square to perform the Michael Jackson dance. Now when you press Key (7) , your toon will dance like M.C Hammer. But , if you remember MC Hammer's videos, you'll need the Legendary MC Hammer's oversized pants to do so.
Don't worry, you can craft a pair of pants with the New Advance Legend clothes system. The only thing is, that you'll need to combine a pair of MC pants from ""├žan't touch this" video and another pair from "2 Legit to quit".

Hope this can help,
Happy Dancing

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