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PostPosted: Tue Jan 31, 2012 11:02 am 
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The Suggestion Thread has now begun. The birth of this thread is to take YOU the communities suggestion and allow US the GM to understand the issue and concerns that you all might have. These suggestions will help to improve the game.


The suggestion thread is not a place for you to start flame threads or instigate conversations of mindless and useless babble. We really want to hear from the community as to how we can improve and make 9Dragons better. In order to do so we need a format that allows us to communicate the issues and topics in a clear and concise manner.


All rules can be found here and will apply the same in this thread.
Any off topic or irrelevant post will be deleted or moved.
Please take a look at the previous suggestions so that we don't have all the time the same one. (Take a look at the index.)
Any topic that don't use the following format will be removed.
Only one suggestion per reply so we can create an index.
Don't make suggestion about fixing a certain bug. (You can repport them in Technical Issue if you need)
Once the suggestion is added to the list. There is a poll added so every player can rate the poll. Then they will be able to comment on the suggestion and said what they think. They can add cons or pros ofc !
Once a suggestion has been used or it can't be done, the topic will be locked.


FORMAT wrote:
Issue or Concern :

Detailed Description :

Pros :

Cons :

Conclusion : (How this will improve game)

Etc : (Additional things, opinions, good humor, etc)

NOTE : If you have event suggestion try to avoid any help from zerodin. If the event can only be done by GM there are higher chance that it will happens. :)


In the index you can find USED or DONE in the case the suggestion is done. There is also a CAN'T or NO, that means it can't be done or there is already somethings else planed.

HERES AN EXAMPLE OF A SUGGESTION*/ Credits to Fullneo for helping in making this thread

Issue or Concern :
Create an Auction House in Game

Detailed Description :
We talk about it for quite a long time on forum. Started on acclaim time. That's a big things and only dev can decide about it probably.

Auction House will be used to sell the in game items that player got in bag. A kind of NPC, as for example Courrier Guild's NPC (it's the better one for that), will provide that service. Players will be able to deposit a certain amount of items and set a price for each of them. Those items will be put on a list that everybody can see if they take a look at the NPC. Other players will be able to buy the items from the npc. The players that have deposited the items will be able to take the money (from the items that have been sold ofc) if he come back to the NPC.

Pros :
It will decrease the number of people logged in Hefei for stand.
People that got computer with low spec will be able to go in hefei without problem as less people will be there.
It will be easyer for player to find the item they want to buy.
Player will be able to sell item without be log in game.
Server population should maybe decrease a bite so more free space.

Cons :
It does requier a lot of work for the dev.

Conclusion :
It is something that does require a lot of work but can really improve the game and maybe change the economy :)

Addionnal : This is a suggestion that come back each time for long now, and at each publisher so players really want it.

Best Action MMORPG

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