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Q&A 7/12
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Author:  FC3S [ Fri Jul 12, 2013 10:49 am ]
Post subject:  Q&A 7/12

Well, it's been a while and a lot of things have been worked on and continually being worked on. As you guys already know, new skill are coming but have been delayed due to a big problem that was found relating to them.

What we are also doing is currently trying to set up a new system in order to get a lot of the old bugs and current bugs resolved. Hopefully with the new system, we'll be able to track the issues so that we can keep track of when issues gets fixed and when there's a new issue. The old system wasn't cutting it so we're going to make some improvements to make this aspect more efficient.

Also, as some of you already know, we've made some drastic changes to our servers, got rid of the old and replaced them with the new which should improve things. However, we are still tweaking things around in order to fully maximize this recent change.

I'm sure some of you got questions you would like to ask and hopefully, we have answer for those questions.

This Q&A will stay open to about 5:00 PM server time~

Author:  Fullneo [ Fri Jul 12, 2013 12:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Q&A 7/12

Hello FC3S !

How are you ? Not too much angry with devs ? They sux really so slow, waste all their time on KR and less on the US version which has more players than them tsss :D

The EU server is dead and is suposed to close soon i think. Do you have any plan of moving some of the account on the US version ? Maybe some more players will come here.

After skill there will be the assembly and Disassemble system seems cool (look like an item i saw in other mmo like GW2 it's a good system). Will you provide us some more details once you get it ? It's good to post news about next update.

Have you got any words from devs about not finished stuff we got ? For example the M&D system here is still not finished we are stuck at Master rank 3 and don't have quest for lvl 2 and 1 (that are available on EU and KR version xD). Also it missing some buff / relic for both master and student. I think you should talk about that with devs it's a good system for new player and old one also :)

Do you plan to put all other dungeon pass in IM like on KR ? You have recently put the icy dungeon pass in the mall.

I want 200% Tender Stone in item mall, i am tired to fail on refine ! xD

And said to devs i ask them to move their lolipop !! KR are faster at Samsung ! xD

PS : I want fireworks item in game !!!! xD

Author:  FC3S [ Fri Jul 12, 2013 12:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Q&A 7/12

Hey Fullneo,

Regarding the not finished content...That's what we'll be discussing very soon. Once we get the new skills update, I want to take care of all the things that have not be finished like you mentioned along with bug fixes as well. Both of our teams have been busy with getting the skills ready and the server changes. Once it's out of the way, they should be able to start taking care of our problems =]

We talked with them in the past regarding the missing content and the response we got for some of things is that there are current problems with some of the content which is why we haven't been able to fully get completed content. They're still working out the issues before they can update the US side

Yes, we do plan to have more dungeon passes in the near future!

And I'll definitely tell them to move their lollipops lol

Regarding EU, I'm not sure if there will be a transfer. Although I would love to help the EU players and give them a place where they can play and continue playing. Although this hasn't yet been discussed so I can't confirm or say if it will happen. We have received a few request from EU players asking us if it would be possible for them to transfer over.

If you do get any news regarding EU, be sure to let us know and we'll see if there's something we can possibly do. No guarantees though =[

Author:  mplusCZ [ Fri Jul 12, 2013 1:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Q&A 7/12


The first part )

Here's a list of what we're missing in this version.
Discuss it this with your supervisor and developer.
There's a lot of things that are missing.
I play this game over 10 years and would like to live out the times when the game will be completely

1 ) Skills - new - will be added 16.7.2013
2 ) Raises lvl cap
3 ) Prison / Wanted system
4 ) M&D system update
5 ) Complet Weapon craft system
6 ) Updated penalty system
7 ) NISP dungeon - added 2013
8 ) Auction House
9 ) Formation System in LD, ICE, TIBET
10 ) Deco stat boost
11 ) CC dungeon
12 ) HG weapons
13 ) Auto skill train
14 ) Launcher on web browser as KR, RU, VN
15 ) KR stat system
16 ) Complete OX map
17 ) Complete Hefei - duels, more NPCs, Jail, entance for special map.
18 ) Reffine clothes - added 2013
19 ) More collection and more combinate system
20 ) Complete Tibet - drops from 2/2part, collection for items from 1/2 and 2/2 part
21 ) DQ for high lvls - promised in year 2012
22) added more GMs to game = more fun with GMs in game (GM battles, GM events, tournaments)
23. OP deco's - done
24. More OP's decos - on going, status: on reseaching for name or stats
25) new LL dungeon

The second part )

Game 9dragons 2 is still under development and testing.
The game is to be launched in 2014
It also plans to open this game here (2015-2016)?
Wondered about that?

The third part )
Patch Notes on your forum site - > viewforum.php?f=817 Will be ever updated?
Look at my forum about 9D I post every patch on forum. Why not do it too? Order must be.
my forum

Thank you for your attention,


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