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Author:  Fullneo [ Tue Mar 27, 2012 11:57 am ]
Post subject:  [Q&A and Support Guide]

Q&A and Support Guide

What steps do I need to take before contacting support?

Providing as much information as possible to customer support directly affects how efficiently customer support can provide you with an answer. Before contacting customer support take a look at the following instructions.

Always search the forum before contacting customer support. We are constantly updating the forum and in most cases it provides customers with the answers they need.

If the forum does not answer your question then please do not hesitate to contact customer support. Make sure that you provide the following information so that we can solve your problem in the shortest time possible.

Technical issues

1. Open C:\Program Files\directx\setup and double click on the DxDiag icon. When you do this, a window will pop up.
2. Click the "Save All Information" button that's located in its lower right corner.
3. Then attach the file to the e-mail you send us.

Clicking on the "Start" button, selecting "Run" and typing "dxdiag" also collects this information for you. Just remember to click on "Save all information" when the details have been gathered and send the file to us.

Most of this information can also be found by pressing Start -> Settings -> Control Panel, double-clicking on the "System" icon and browsing through the hardware profiles. Note that we do need all information about driver versions.

Game play issues

Include all information you can think of, such as username and character name, location, whether the problem has occurred before, etc.

Billing & Account issues

Include all information you can think of, such as usernames, character names, email addresses, full name and dates and times of charges in question.


The goal of this guide is to help you to solve an in game issue. Like that if you need to create a repport to GM you will directly know what they need to solve you problem.
You will be able to find in each quote a ample for the bug report.

Take a look at the FAQ link here you will find some details about how to solve some problems or other things.

Index :

WARNING wrote:
For the in game issue GM (or anybody) will never asking you for you personal information such as password or email. They don't need it to solve an issue. They just need you char name and sever. They will ask you that only for 1 case, it is if you forget you password and cant log on you account.

NOTE wrote:
A lot of report request screenshot.
How to do it :
- Open Quest windows with the key "Q" from the keyboard and select the quest you actually have a bug.
- Use the "print screen" key of the keyboard. You will see appear an orange message at the right of the screen in the message system. That will said for example : "Saved 2012February26 14-27-55.jpg".
- You will be able to find the screen in your 9dragons directory in Capture/"Character_Name"

Author:  Fullneo [ Tue Mar 27, 2012 11:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [Q&A and Support Guide]

How to open the Q&A Page

Once you have sign in on the Gamecampus website you can find the support link here :


You will see the following window appear :


Here you will be able to send a message to the GM team you just have to complete each field and then use the submit button.
Any answer will take time ofcourse. It's never the same time it can take 1 day as 1 month, it's depend on how much Q&A they got at that time :)

Here a direct link to Q&A :
Don't forget you have to be logged on the website if you want to send a Q&A.

NOTE wrote:
For a report use the same account you use in game and that got the problem in Game.

Author:  Fullneo [ Tue Mar 27, 2012 11:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [Q&A and Support Guide]

How you can find/Recognize a GM

In Game :

I put that here so there isn't any problem in game, in the case you want to contact a GM and think you saw one in game.

Here an example of GM char :


They have special name as you can notice it, so it's easy to recognize them.
You can't whisper a GM, you will receive a special message and won't be able to answer him, but a GM can whisper you.

If you see any other people with GM or VGM in their name and that pretend to be GM report them so they get banned !

On forum :

Actually there are 5 staff members on forum

IPLAY9DRAGONS, delimiter,
those work more behind the scenes while : [GM] Venus and [GM] Kolgi are more in game for stuff and deal a lot with Q&A.
There is also [GM] Galaxy which you may see sometimes there but it's a staff member from GC that come only sometimes and is not working 100% on 9D.

Anyway they are easy to find as they have a blue name on forum ;)

Try to not disturb them too much if you have a problem use only 1 way so that they don't have to check everything a second time ! Which make them wast time.
For example if you send a Q&A don't PM them on forum ;)

Author:  Fullneo [ Tue Mar 27, 2012 11:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [Q&A and Support Guide]

Some frequent asked question

Before send any message to GM please read all the forum tips and go in technical issue side of the forum. Ask for help once you have tried everything you can send a message to Q&A.

In game error :

I have a gameguard error what does that's mean ?
There are several error code. If you want more details take a look at the Gameguard error list on this topic. If you tried every step and can't solve the problem try ask on the forum to other player if they know how to solve the issue.
If you still haven't any way to solve the problem you can send a message to Q&A with all the details.

I have an error code 183 message sometimes when i play, what does that's mean ?
This error code just mean you got disconnected from the game. There are a tone of different reason for that kind of problem and various solutions. Here some idea that may fix the problem.
    - Check you Firewall settings and make sure everything is opened for 9Dragons and gaemguard.
    - Check you antivirus and make sure it does not lock 9dragons or Gameguard.
    - Check you internet connection hardware : make sure that you card work properly, try to use each way you have for internet (wireless, USB, Ethernet...) . If you use the USB way make sure the cable's shield is ok.
    - Check you internet connection software : Make sure every port are opened, make sure that every internet explorer parameters are free for the game.
    - Check you DEP settings for the games exe and gameguard.
    - Make sure that every pilot on you computer are updated.
    - Make sure that windows is updated.
    - ...

All of that are only some idea. It worked for some people but for other it don't, there are so many different things that it will be hard to find a way to solve it.

I can't log in, what should I do ?
First check the forum and ask to other player if they got the same problem. Check the game notice to know if there isn't any maintenance at that time :
If you have done all step and ask to other help on the forum, you can the send a Q&A and ask about it.

Ban and Report Abuse... :

I got banned and i want to know why :
Ban discussion can ONLY take place on Q&A with the account involved. The GM will give you the reason of the ban however they don't have to give all the details. If you are banned it's because you have done somethings wrong. They will give you the details about how many time you are banned. If you are banned for perma way, don't expect to get unbanned as it's for serious reason.
Topic on forum about it will be deleted. PM to GM/ADMIN or MOD about that will be removed.

I saw someone use hack and i want to report him :
Please follow the sample provide in this topic and make sure you give all the details with a maximum of proof. This is a long process and will take time to GM.

I was scammed in game by another player. Can you retrieve my items somehow? Is there anything you can do against the person who scammed me?
Unfortunately, we cannot restore items lost as a result of being scammed as any trades are our player's sole responsibility. Appropriate actions will be taken against the reported person if you can provide screenshots of the incident/conversation that occurred. If this is the case, please submit your ticket specifying that you were scammed and provide to us any number of screenshots depicting the incident so that we may review them.

I saw someone said that he is a GM, what should i do ?
You can report that player so that he got banned. Ofc as every report you must provide proof and give details ! Use the sample you can find in this topic and send it to Q&A

Item Mall :

I can't buy any gamescampus coin with my account :
There is a time limit before you are able to buy any gamescampus coin. This is for security reason. You have to wait that you account has been check. You will get a message once it's done.

I already buy 100$ of coin i can't buy anymore :
This is normal, to prevent from any fraude there is a security and you are not able to buy more than 100$ of coin until a certain delay. There isn't way to escape that you have to wait.

I purchased item on the wrong server :
To prevent from any problem like that please use the item mall that you can find in Game. If you have done a mistake send a message to Q&A and follow the sample you can find in this thread.

I want buy coin with mobile phone can I ?
Bill To Mobile is currently only available to those in the US using any of the following carriers~


If you are outside of the United States, you will not be able to use Bill To Mobile as this payment method only works for those in the United States using 1 of the 3 listed carriers above. We are looking into expanding this to outside the US but it is not currently available.

Transfer from Gamefirst questions :

Transfer from Gamersfirst is a long process which required a lot of work for dev and time to GM.

Q. I Missed The Transfer At GamersFirst Can I Still Transfer?
A. Unfortunately, those that have missed the transfer process over at GamersFirst are no longer able to transfer their character data. Because G1 did not give us any information relating to those that missed the transfer, we are not able to transfer the data as it is not available for us to do so.

We will not be taking any kind of template because there is no way for us to verify past information. In order to avoid having false claimed characters like in the past, character templates are not being accepted. We are only transferring those that has their data sent to us by GamersFirst.

We are very sorry that we cannot assist those that have missed the transfer period as GamersFirst is not allowing those who missed the transfer period to transfer, or give us the needed information for us to transfer those players as well.

Q. I Just Transferred From GamersFirst to GamesCampus, Where Is My Character?
A. After completing the transfer on our site, we will be moving the data during our maintenance. This means, that after your complete your transfer, your character will not be available immediately. You will need to wait for the maintenance in order for the data to be transferred over.

If you are getting an error message during the transfer process, please check our other FAQ as we have posted error codes and what they mean in order to better assist you during the transfer.

Q. My Account Has Been Blocked On GamersFirst, Can I Still Transfer?
A. Unfortunately, blocked account on GamersFirst will not be able to transfer. Because we are receiving the database, GamersFirst will not provide us with any data pertaining to banned accounts.

This means if your account is banned on GamersFirst, it will remain banned and the data will not be sent to us. Since no data will be sent to us, we will not have any information relating to your character (name, items, level, etc).

Q. What if I did not create a second Games Campus account for my merged servers characters?
A. As stated prior to transfer, if you have characters on Nirvana & Phoenix you must create 2 Games Campus account (one for each servers). This was done because 9Dragons only have 3 slots for each servers.

Unfortunately if you are in this situation, you will have to wait until all transfer are done so that we can assist on a case-by-case basis..

Q. I created a character on the server which transferring is in process. What will happen?
A. If you are transferring from Gamers First to Games Campus, please do not create any characters on that account (same server). We are running in to many problems with players creating new characters on the same account(s) that transferring is taken place.

The reason why you have not received your character(s) is because there is no slot available for your Gamers First characters. Characters will not be overwritten... you will have to delete your newly made characters to make room for your transfer characters.

Transferring are taken place if you have slots available on your account.

Unfortunately if you are in this situation, you will have to wait until all transfer are done so that we can assist on a case-by-case basis..

Others :

I lost my password what should i do ?
Here the link about it : ... e=9dragons
If it's not working (because someone take you account) follow the sample that you can find in that guide. Note that the when you use the link it's take time to get the email and change the password.

How do I change my password ?
If you would like to change the password to your account, please follow these steps:

1. Log into the website with your user id and password.
2. Click on your red user id which is next to "Hello!" and above your Campus Cash amount, or click "My Account" at the very top of the 9 Dragons Website.
3. Enter your current password for security confirmation.
4. Go to the "Insert User Information" area and type in your new password
5. Click on submit to complete the password change process.

You are also able to get a password reset email sent to your registered email address by clicking the "I forgot my ID/Password" link below the login section on the 9 Dragons website. Once there, you will be able to request a password reset message sent to you automatically.

If you do not receive the message within an hour or so, please check your spam folder as sometimes the spam filter will put the emails there. If you still cannot find the email, please send us a DQ&A from another account or email us from the registered email address that is tied to the account. If you are sending us a DQ&A, please be aware that you will need to verify that you are the account owner before any account details will be given out.

I got an email from Gamecampus which ask me to provide some details, what should I do ?
Gamecampus don't use email for account problem. They only use the forum with announcement or work with Q&A. So that a fake mail.

I got a problem with a quest and can't complete it.
Some people don't read properly their quest and if you don't you can create you problem and will not able to complete the quest. This is the case for the Lightfoot Quest, if you remove the choose or die during the quest you will never be able to finish it !.
You may have some problem if quest if you DC during the NPC talk, to prevent from those kind of problem try to make sure you won't dc if you used to.
Any 9Dragons files modification will make you have bugged quest forever on you character.
If you have a quest bug you can follow the sample that is in that guide.

I deleted the wrong charactere.
You have to send a message to Q&A. The GM will be able to restor you char before he is totaly deleted.

Here you can find some other FAQ :

Author:  Fullneo [ Tue Mar 27, 2012 12:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [Q&A and Support Guide]

Repport a Bug Sample

The bug repport can be done on 2 places, technical issue part of the forum or on Q&A. I suggest to only do it on technical issue part of the forum (i will make sure GM are aware about it) excepted if it's a bug for an in game exploit. (So Q&A for those exploit bug)

Topic Title:

Topic Description :

Brief description :

Steps to reproduce :

Step 1 :
Step 2 :
Step 3 :
Step 4 : .....

Screen /Video :

More :


This is an example of repproted bug.

Topic Title: Combine Sytem Windows

Topic Description: Combine system window bug.

Brief description: With the combine window opened sometimes you ar e not able to see the relic details by clicking on them. It can be fixed with a relog too.

Steps to reproduce:

Step 1 : Open Linving (L)
Step 2 : Click on Combine
Step 3 : Select Any map
Step 4 : Try to get the details about the relics by selected them with the mouse.

Screen :


More : Here even if I try to select the relic, i can't have the details. But sometimes i can after a relog.
So That's not happends all the time and can be fixed with relog.

Author:  Fullneo [ Tue Mar 27, 2012 12:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [Q&A and Support Guide]

Report a Quest bug on You Char Sample

There is 2 way to report that problem :

Send this to Q&A.


The following quote is the sample you can copy to send you report :

SAMPLE wrote:
Character In-Game Name:

Topic Title:
Topic Description:

Name of Bug:


Brief description:

Steps to reproduce
Step 1: Launch 9Dragons
Step 2: Go to [Map Name]
Step 3: Accept Quest from [NPC Name that gives quest]
Step 4: Notice that [NPC name] is not appearing at the location they are supposed to be at

Screenshot of the quest log :


And here an example of quest bug report :

Character In-Game Name: [[BarBy]]
Server: Tao

Screen Shot:

Topic Title: RTD Quest [Energy For A Lone Traveler]
Topic Description: Listen to Hua Yan for the next assignment.

Name of Bug: [Chapter 2: Blind Turtle Meets Floating Log]

Severity: After trying to do quest I can not receive any kind of quest continuance to that quest or any others. No new ones are popping up either. Its been like this for 27 levels.

Brief description: I clicked on Hua Yan to finish quest and got stuck in the NPC screen so i had to restart the game. When I logged back on the quest was in my log but none were popping up under the NPC where it was supposed to be. and then no other quest whether it was RTD Enlightenments, or Karma quests will pop up once completed. And i can not receive any new quests.

Steps to reproduce
Step 1: Launch 9Dragons
Step 2: Go to [Mount Yanmo]
Step 3: Accept Quest from Hua Yan in the cave of light
Step 4: Notice that Hua Yan is appearing but there isn't anything I can click on to start or finish a quest.

Author:  Fullneo [ Tue Mar 27, 2012 12:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [Q&A and Support Guide]

Report Someone using Hack/Cheat... Sample

If you find someone cheating or bug abuse or any other things that request a ban, you can send proof to the support on the Q&A system and only there !
Give them as much proof you have with all the details.

SAMPLE wrote:

Topic Title :
Topic Description :

Offense :
Name of the Character :
Server Name :

Description :

Screenshot :
Video :

NOTE wrote:
A ban take time to GM so make sure the other player really used somethings. He will get a ban once GM have check everything so it wll take some time

Author:  Fullneo [ Tue Mar 27, 2012 1:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [Q&A and Support Guide] WIP

Character Stuck

If you are stuck there is a system to help you :

Actually it can happens in the game that you are stuck in a wall or somewhere else due to a lightfoot run for example.

There are 3 way to escape from there.

The 2 first one you need to be item mall user and use a Transport Guild Pass with E key or a Summoning Ball with a friend. but this cost money ofcourse.

You have in game a free way to escape :

During play game enter in peace mod and then in normal chat enter :


Here a picture :


Once you press enter the following window will appear :

On this windows you can read the village where you will be teleported.

You will have to wait some time (5 min) that the load is full :


Once it's full you will be moved to the village.

Author:  Fullneo [ Wed Mar 28, 2012 1:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [Q&A and Support Guide] WIP

Item Mall Purchased on Wrong Server Sample

To prevent problem like that buy item only in game on the char you want use them ;)

SAMPLE wrote:
Date of Purchase:
In Game Name:
IM Items & Quanity:

*Please move all items listed to your first bag.

In Game Name:

Author:  Fullneo [ Wed Mar 28, 2012 2:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [Q&A and Support Guide] WIP

Lost Password Sample

When you have created you account, Gamescampus requested you to provide some details about you :

-User ID
-First Name
-Last Name
-Security Q1
-Answer to Q1
-Address Line 1
-Address Line 2
-Zip/Postal Code
-Phone Number

You must know all those details in case you lost you password everything will be requested !!!

So first you just forget you password or ID here the link to request a change : ... e=9dragons

If this is not working because someone changed you account data, you have to send a message to Q&A :

SAMPLE wrote:

I Thinks someone stole my account.
Here are all the information about my account :

-User ID
-First Name
-Last Name
-Security Q1
-Answer to Q1
-Address Line 1
-Address Line 2
-Zip/Postal Code
-Phone Number

Could you please give me back my account.

This can ONLY be done with Q&A, no need to PM GM they won't do anythings about it ! They will work on those problems only with Q&A !!!!

Author:  Fullneo [ Wed Mar 28, 2012 2:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [Q&A and Support Guide] WIP

Gameguard error list

Error Message 100
Solution- PC is infected with virus, spyware, adware, and/or malware. Please update the vaccine t a recent version and process an overall scan. If the error code still appears after the scan, it could be a virus that the current vaccine cannot detect.

Error Message 110
Solution- This is indicating that NProtect has already been loaded once and is still resident in memory. Please bring up the Task Manager by clicking “Ctrl” “Alt” “Delete”, click processes, and perform an end process on u_skid.exe and GameMon.des. If ending these processes does not resolve the error, please reboot your PC. ... AQ_115.htm

Error Message 112
Solution- Please be sure your PC is free of viruses, and that sufficient memory is available. You may wish to make sure your virus scanning program is up-to-date and functioning properly, and that you do not have too many other open programs.

Error Message 114
Solution- There may be a program that is occupying a big portion of your CPU or video driver and/or the sound driver may not be up to date. Please cure all viruses, spyware, adware, and/or malware, then update the drivers to recent version

Error Message 120, 124, 141, 142, 150, 153
Solution- Your installation of NProtect is either incomplete or damaged. Please delete the GameGuard folder and repatch.

Error Message 155
Solution- This error should not occur under Windows XP. If it is occurred, your PC may have a severe virus or be experiencing Operating System / Hard Disk corruption. Please visit Microsoft for assistance in restoring this file for your particular OS version. If you are unable to restore it, we recommend contacting a qualified PC technician to examine your PC.

Error Message 170
Solution- Due to a problem with the GameGuard INI, the program was unable to launch. We recommend deleting the GameGuard folder and re-running the Drift City again in order to redownload the NProtect files.

Error Message 230
GameGuard service stops the game and displays error code 230

This error is caused by an external server requesting information from your machine or scanning your machine in the background while you are playing, which GameGuard sees as an intrusion. Many times this is due to online banking, which in many cases installs a service called "Trusteer" or "Rapport" to verify the computer is free of keyloggers or malware that would seek to steal the person's banking information.

Error Message 340
Solution- This is indicating that the NProtect patches failed to download, either due to an overly restrictive firewall or network issues leading to failed downloads. Please check your firewall or anti-virus’ settings and allow GameGuard to patch it’s files.

Error Message 350
Solution- Close the launcher and re-try. Error message is due to the program being closed while it is still updating

Error Message 360
Solution- Right click on the hard disk drive- tools- disk scan- and erase the entire GameGuard folder. Manually download the patch files and run the game

Error Message 361
Solution- Pleae check your internet settings and wiring. Check whether you are using any security programs such as itop. Please check whether you need any verificatin before connecting to the internet.
Internet>Settings>Network>Check security program.
Also check if you need to get authorized to use the internet.

Error Message 380
Solution 1- Download the GameGuard installation files and try re-installing. If you are using Windows XP service pack 2, check the firewall settings. In some cases, it could be solved by re-booting the PC
Solution 2- Firewall programs such as Sygate Firewall may be blocking GameGuard. Start the corresponding firewall(s), and check whether GameGuard.des is included in the "Blocking List"

Error ___
(No numbers) This is an indication that your computer is “lagging”.

Important Error Codes

NPGAMEMON_ERROR_EXIST (110) – GameMon is already running. Either close GameMon process or reboot and execute again.

NPGAMEMON_ERROR_GAME_EXIST (115) – Game is executed multiple times, or GameGuard is already running. Close the game and restart.

NPGAMEMON_ERROR_NPSCAN (112) – Failed to load modules for checking viruses and hacking tools. Possible causes are lack of memory and virus infection.

NPGAMEMON_ERROR_INIT (114) – Failed to initialize GameMon. Try rebooting or closing possible programs that can cause a collision.

NPGAMEMON_ERROR_AUTH_GAMEGUARD (124) – GameGuard.des file does not exist or is modified. This can be resolved by installing GameGuard setup file.

NPGAMEMON_ERROR_AUTH_INI (120) – Setup file for GameGuard does not exist or is corrupted. Download Setup file for GameGuard and install at GameGuard folder.

NPGAMEMON_ERROR_CORRUPT_INI (141) – Setup file for GameGuard does not exist or is corrupted. Download Setup file for GameGuard and install at GameGuard folder.

NPGAMEMON_ERROR_CORRUPT_INI2 (142) – Setup file for GameGuard does not exist or is corrupted. Download Setup file for GameGuard and install at GameGuard folder.

NPGAMEMON_ERROR_NFOUND_INI (150) – Setup file for GameGuard does not exist or is corrupted. Download Setup file for GameGuard and install at GameGuard folder.

NPGAMEMON_ERROR_CRYPTOAPI (155) – Windows System file is damaged. It is recommended to check virus, and reinstall Internet Explorer or rsabase.dll in the system folder according to Internet Explorer version.

NPGAMEMON_ERROR_EXECUTE (170) – Failed to execute GameGuard process. Reinstall the GameGuard setup file and try running the game again.

NPGAMEMON_ERROR_ILLEGAL_PRG (200) – An illegal program has been detected. Close unnecessary programs and try again.

NPGAMEMON_ERROR_GAMEGUARD (230) – It is a GameGuard initializing error or an old version of GameGuard file is being used. Re-install the set-up files and try restarting the game.

NPGMUP_ERROR_PARAM (320) – ini file does not exist or has been falsified. This could be solved by installing the GameGuard set-up file.

NPGMUP_ERROR_INIT (330) – npgmup.des initializing error. Delete the GameGuard folder and restart the game.

NPGMUP_ERROR_DOWNCFG (340) – Failed to download. Network might not be stable currently, internet settings might have some problems, or check the firewall.

NPGMUP_ERROR_ABORT (350) – Cancel(Abort) button has been clicked while updating. If it is due to the failure of connection, try connecting again or confirm its network status.

NPGMUP_ERROR_AUTH (360) – Update is not successful or GameGuard file is corrupted. Try again in a minute, or check the firewall settings.

NPGMUP_ERROR_CONNECT (380) – Failed to connect to the GameGuard update server. Try connecting again in a while, or check the network connection.

Game Guard FAQ :

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