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 Post subject: [Bug Report Index] 15 July 2015
PostPosted: Sat Jan 18, 2014 11:03 am 
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Report a general game bug to GM.

NOTE wrote:
You can't post in bug section, you will have first to post the bug in technical discussion part of the forum and then it will be moved here. Follow the rules from this topic please. TECHNICAL DISCUSSION LINK

This forum part is to report in game general bug.
You can't report here a bug that is only related to you account. In this case you post will be removed.

It is difficult to send a report to developer. The GM must be able to reproduce the bug easily and for sure. That's the reason why you have to provide all the details and as much as possible.
In order to provide all this details please follow the following sample and example :


You need to put the title of the bug in the topic subject, this title will be used in the index. Then in you post you have to use the following sample :

Venus wrote:

Date : It can be a specifiq time or just an idea before a certain period (like Before September 2011 for bug before GC time).

Priority : [LOW] for visual and text mistakes/bugs. [NORMAL] for in game stuff that is working but not properly or that hasn't all effects. [HIGH] for dangerous issues involving problems for players to run the game or giving a huge advantage or for stuff that aren't working at all.

Frequency :

Summary / Screenshot(s) : You can take screenshot in game with the "Print Screen" key. You will be able to find you screenshot in the following directory :


Steps to reproduce : Full details are required.
    - Step 1 :
    - Step 2 :
    - Step 3 :
    - Step 4 :

NOTE : If the bug is an exploit you can't report that here, but you can report it to Q&A and follow the steps provided here.
Let me know if you have reported that bug, its name will be added to the index to let know everyone that it is already reported.


Date : 1st January 2013

Priority: [HIGH]

Frequency : All the Time

Screenshot : The button has stop working and we can't access to combine details and map/npc/item list.

Steps to reproduce :
- Log in to the account and select character
- Press in game shortcut key "L".
- Under living window try to click on "Combine" button
- The window will not appear at all even if it was working in the past.


This is the list of all bug reported, if you click on a link it will send you to the bug report. You can see some tag on this bug list. There is a tag to let you know if there is some information given by devs about these bugs. Also you may find some tag on the index if there are news about it.

Once a bug is fixed it is removed from this list. The original post will be trashed. If you find out a bug in the list that is already fixed let us know !




Bug that need to be confirmed :

There are some bug that have been not checked for nwo and need to be confirmed by GM or other players. Until they are not confirmed with details they won't be added to the list :

- In session point doesn't work (no blood point boost)
- Critical Dodge Doens't Work
- Demon para trap not working properly
- Glitching doors in North Sea Icy palace
- Quest bug : North Sea Frozen Cold (X) (if someone kill you mob, you stuck and restart quest doesn't solve issue)
- Item without description and same icone than lucid box drop on handyman in tibet
- Hiyami stuck behind wall
- The Reflect boost doesn't work.

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