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 Post subject: [Mobs in Datong]
PostPosted: Sat Sep 17, 2011 5:28 am 
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Datong :


1: Senior Lightning Shadows Disciple. (Level 49) Superior Lightning Shadows Disciple. (Level 50) Senior Lightning Shadows Leader. (Level 50) Superior Lightning Shadows Leader. (Level 51) Superior Lightning Shadows Master (Level 53)[Ranged mob]

2: Junior Bloodthief Disciple. (Level 50) Bloodthief Disciple. (Level 51) Senior Bloodthief Disciple. (Level 52) [Melee mob]

3: Junior Bloodthief Rider. (Level 53) Bloodthief Rider. (Level 54) Senior Bloodthief Rider. (Level 55) [Melee mob]

4: Junior Howling Disciple. (Level 54) Howling Disciple. (Level 56) Senior Howling Disciple. (Level 58) [Ranged mob]

5: Junior Howling Rider. (Level 55) Howling Rider. (Level 57) Senior Howling Rider. (Level 59) [Ranged mob]

6: Deadly Cripped Demon (Level 63) Monstruous Cripped Demon (Level 71)[Melee mob]
Drop : Cracked Iron-cored Wood.

7: Small Brown Bear. (Level 56) Brown Bear. (Level 57) Big Brown Bear (Level 58)[Melee mob]
Drop : Big Brown Bear Paw / Brown Bear Paw / Bear Paw.

8: Disciple of Bloody Shadows. (Level 58) Senior Blood Shadows Disciples. (Level 59) Superior Blood Shadows Disciples. (Level 60) Leader of Bloody Shadows. (Level 61) Senior Blood Shadows Leader. (Level 62) Superior Blood Shadows Leader. (Level 66)[Melee mob]
Drop : Plate of Secret Shadows.

9: Depraved Monk. (Level 62)[Melee mob]
Drop : Buddhist Bead.

10:Sinful monk. (Level 63)[Melee mob]
Drop : Buddhist Bead.

11:Evil Monk. (Level 64)[Melee mob]
Drop : Buddhist Bead.

12: Green Toad Demon. (Level 63) Big Green Toad Demon. (Level 64) Powerful Green Toad Demon. (Level 65) Red Toad Demon. (Level 68) Big Red Toad Demon. (Level 67) Powerful Red Toad Demon. (Level 68) [Melee mob]
Drop : Blue Cotton Cloth.

13:Stone-Skinned Demon.(Level 67) Big Stone-Skinned Demon.(Level 68) Powerful Stone-Skinned Demon.(Level 69)[Melee mob]
Drop : Small Scarp Iron / Thin iron Plate.

14: Axehead Demon. (Level 68) Ghostly Axehead Demon. (Level 70)[Melee mob]
Drop : Scarp Iron (normal rate) / Bronze Plate. (low rate)

15: Bloodclaw (Level 70) Heartbreaking Bloodclaw (Level 71) Soulbreaking Bloodclaw (Level 72)[Melee mob]
Drop : Gold rope.

16: Four-Armed Demon (Level 69) Dagger Four-Armed Demon (Level 70) Falchion Four-Armed Demon (Level 71)[Melee mob]
Drop : Blue Dragon Dagger.

17: Disciple of Evil Shadows (Level 72) Senior Evil Shadows Disciple (Level 73) Superior Evil Shadows Disciple (Level 74)[Melee mob]
Drop : Golden Case.

18: Blind Spade Demon Scout / Blind Staff Demon Scout / Blind Cudgel Demon Scout / Blind Sword Demon Scout.(Level 72)[Melee mob]
Drop : Ring of Death Valley (normal rate) / Pass for the Vault of Hell. (very low rate)

19: Blind Spade Demon Warrior / Blind Staff Demon Warrior / Blind Cudgel Demon Warrior / Blind Sword Demon Warrior.(Level 73)[Melee mob]
Drop : Liquor Jug (normal rate) / Pass for the Vault of Hell. (very low rate)

20: Blind Spade Demon Trooper / Blind Staff Demon Trooper / Blind Cudgel Demon Trooper / Blind Sword Demon Trooper.(Level 74)[Melee mob]
Drop : Golden Belt (normal rate) / Pass for the Vault of Hell. (very low rate)

21: Blind Spade Demon / Blind Staff Demon / Blind Cudgel Demon / Blind Sword Demon.(Level 75)[Melee mob]
Drop : Wooden Flute (normal rate) / Pass for the Vault of Hell. (very low rate)

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