[INT] Fashion Design Contest

Hello SOmmunity!

As announced on our website, we would like to hold a design contest for our upcoming fashion collection and costume!

Choose from summer, autumn, or winter collection or a costume that you want and design it using the provided template we are offering.

Before participating in this event, please read the announcement:

Let your creativity shine! Happy designing!

Shot Online Team

Is a magic concept, adding new elements like fairy wings, could be the dress texture like shining silk and wings seethroughny , White and silky texture dress, with a coronet or diadem on head, white long gloves and summer white heels

Character name : Rebecca

I am trying to upload the image but the system don´t allow to attach multimedia files
Regards, Thank you

Severin-13 hello all

costume retro

compteur de caractères

Hello all :slightly_smiling_face:

my design / idea comes from the cosy Sunday Autumn days, that we all experience, with a tiny modern twist. Due to my slight lack of drawing skill, it can only be visualised with a lot of imagination. As a little helper I have portrayed the Black simple cosy outfit. The colour scheme is fitting to the title, simple but expressive. Black, grey and white. As a Zygmunt Player, I am a fan of long sleeves and oversized look so I don`t feel too intimidated by the Wotans around me. As a result my Favourite part of the Design is the oversized Sweatshirt with a fine and subtle Shot Online Logo at the top right.

Simple Cosy ShotOnline Cloth

colection fluo

collection Relax


In the context of the competition, where each participant presents their own models, it is fascinating to highlight the innovative and futuristic approach I have adopted for my character clothing designs. My creations aim to transcend conventional limitations, bringing to life unique models like ERDA, CAMILE, Belze, and Z, ( and can be addapted by devs also for ALBUS/SHAO for example ) distinguished by their avant-garde aesthetics and meticulously crafted details.

By proposing these futuristic designs, my goal is not only to offer a fresh and contemporary vision but also to challenge established conventions within the game. ERDA and CAMILE, designed for female characters, incorporate revolutionary elements that go beyond traditional options, from geometric patterns to futuristic accessories that add a distinctive touch to virtual attire.

As for Belze and Z, I sought to introduce an equally futuristic aesthetic, breaking with the previous absence of such elements in the game’s clothing. The intention is to create a renewed experience where fashion is not only an aesthetic component but also a catalyst for new possibilities in dressing.

In this competition, the meticulous attention to detail in my designs aims not only to visually impress but also to influence players’ perception and experience. The uniqueness of my proposals lies in the ability to go beyond the conventional, with a bold and fresh/new approach providing characters with a futuristic look that enriches both their appearance and character, allowing players to immerse themselves in a virtual world within a game with a more classic theme.

In summary, by challenging expectations and exploring new horizons in designing clothing for existing characters, I hope to contribute to the game’s evolution in clothing, adding a fresh touch with a rather innovative proposal.


proposal for SO designers for guild houses
proposal outside of an event of course