[INT] Feedback Event 2023

Hello SOmmunity!

As announced on our website, we would like to hear your feedback about 2023 and suggestions for 2024.

Before participating in this event, please read the announcement:

We kindly ask you to be objective when posting your feedback. Please remember all posts with offensive or harassing language will be deleted without a prior notification.

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Only participants whose character name and forum nickname match are eligible for a reward. Please double check that your nickname matches with your character name before participating.

Thank you very much and Merry Christmas!

Shot Online Team

I’d like to see the event on 2024 for character change event. I’ve been playing Belz for all my years on SO, would like to play different toon for a bit. Also, wish there a way to make non-tradable item tradable. In toon avatar should be upgradable up to 50% will be nice. Also have a event for all courses sunny day without a wind.
Game campus CC event should be greater than 40% will be nice and able to sell multiple items into a bag to sell at auction might be an idea.

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It would be nice to make the items stackable or if you can’t, add 3 more temporary lockers and add 2 lockers for Belong to character lockers, or just remove this ‘Belong to character’ option make them no tradable (except chronos, odelias, special title clothes, and so) ?

And if you can fix the foursome mode lag make you need to change team and switch back after 2 players pick blue team, it’s been there for years and it’s a bit annoying, thanks! :slight_smile:

char name: K-I-T-T-Y-PURR

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Hey there, as for 2024 changes I wouldn’t mind seeing some guild vs guild activities such as a foursome match vs another guild and have like a guild ranking system based off wins and some healthy rewards for the top guilds (Guild based rewards).

I also would like to see a change in the form of Hole in ones while playing swift stroke. seeing other peoples hole in ones is always fun but during swift stoke you don’t get to see the replay like you do with other game modes.

Would also like to see new item mall items such as XP items for caddy’s to help us new people max out some caddy’s just a little faster even if 2 to 1 xp at the current rate, could be a hot sell item during caddy xp events.

Also larger options to ball markers would be a nice change, I Don’t mind buying ball markers but having to go back and get more every 5 to 10 holes is to much, having a larger number option would be less auction/item mall trips lol tee’s also.

Side note, 1 or 2 more personal bank slots would be helpful.

As for evens, they have all been really good!! some more then others. A possible cool event idea yall can give a try is maybe do a 5 or 6 hole round all par 3s and do a closest to pin contest and have special rewards for hole in ones made.

Just some silly ideas from a crazy golfer lol, Thanks for listening and creating such an amazing and beautiful golf game, keep up the good work everyone.

I think for a new game mode like the above suggestion is more guild vs guild, but don’t limit it to only the top 8 or players per guild, make it an accessible mode for all players to enjoy. Perhaps a little like SOWC where matches don’t have to be played in real time (encourages more play as not locked behind time periods) but also a match league type real time match would be cool. Short leagues over the space of a month with a final knockout in the last week. Main thing would be to do it in a way to allow smaller guilds to compete against the large ones.

Gold membership tickets - should be brought to the item mall so players can sell on the AH. Not sure if it happens a lot, but the current way leaves the door open for players to scammed while buying with NG. Already done with Deluxe/Luxury so can’t see why it couldn’t be introduced.

Perhaps Ball Marker and Tee’s (7/14 days) added so that they can be bought alongside membership and last the duration.

A new higher level course without any gimmicky factors (looking at you BF and Bear Lake). While these do introduce an essence of skill to play well, the overall gameplay can feel a bit silly. Good mix of longer holes that play more like real golf (not being able to drive every par 4, and some tricky shorter holes with risk reward. Game can feel a little stale with current courses, tee shot, on or next to green, chip/putt.

More filler content, daily and weekly quest exist yes, but similar to the current bingo, would be nice to have things to work on while not wanting to do MM every day. Small meaningful rewards should be available, nothing over powered, but something to make it worthwhile.

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  1. Well Im on a scale of being reasonable on things. Lets get the group 2 tickets to better success rates and the enhancement stones (legend stones also) as well
  2. Better instructions on Stuff in the game. Making clothes to advanced legend all the ways that you can do it, Club enhancements. There should be a sticky on website where you can go to see all this. I see all the same questions on the shotonline discord channel.
  3. Locker space is minimal that we get compared to what belongs to character and non tradeable. Need bigger lockers. No wonder people have 2+ to many accounts in this game.
  4. A facelift on graphics would be nice. Most graphics are from 12+ years ago.
  5. Some of the quests are repeats in the scenarios. Lets change some of them.

1- Like many people, I have been playing this game for many years.
I think the most important issue that needs to be improved in this game is the excitement of competition.
For this purpose, I think it is important to create a single scoring system that covers all competitions.
This scoring system can be arranged to be reset and restarted every 3 months. Prizes may be given to those who achieve the best results in every 3-month period. The ranking list should be updated every day and competition excitement should always be kept at a high level. This list should be displayed on a light board in the square.
2- Monthly quests should be included in the system. I have previously informed you of my suggestion regarding this (Jul, 06, 2023).
3- Baxter tournament system is very good, but its only drawback is the lack of tournament ranking, which reduces the excitement of the competition greatly. Ranking reporting should be added and kept up to date.

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I have been playing for many years and have seen the evolution of the game. In graphics it barely improved, I would really like to see that. I have also seen how everything has been degraded in favor of earning EXP in MM and I hope that they at least incentivize the other game modes with EXP or something that makes them worthy of people playing it. Relay mode is one of the best modes and nobody plays anything other than MM, it’s a shame. And the weather, what can we say about the weather, it is not fun to play only in good weather, but neither is it fun to play exclusively in bad weather, and of course benefiting those who use help programs such as EZcalculator, etc. I don’t think it’s bad that they complicate the weather when you receive something for it, but to play a game of royal, Dino, Bianca Saint in peace and have 14 or 15 holes of bad weather… It’s normal that no one wants to play certain courses anymore, to that? I think they should improve graphics, improve the weather at least where you don’t gain exp, put more options to gain exp or frenzy in other game modes that encourage the game between players and not just fights if it is very slow if it takes a long time… Expand Open tour schedules, although it doesn’t give exp anything other than the first two, it’s fun to play, but for only 1 hour there are a lot of people who don’t play for that reason. And also remove obsolete objects from the game, and above all more information. In my country at least it is illegal not to give information about the probabilities of the games. I still don’t know the probability of a G2 ticket or a stone entering (I don’t care if it’s 1 in 1 million, but I’ll report it…) and that seems to me to be a lack of transparency towards the players who buy or have ever bought in this game. Without further ado, waiting for changes, I only buy gold from time to time and every time less, I don’t see any progress in increasing the level in this game and it is becoming more and more boring to play alone in bad weather and without people to play anything except MM. Greetings and Happy Holidays.

Good morning
in 1) a correction of the HIO box, transform the gain into an XP box which would give 1, 2 or 3% depending on the route
given that the HIO box cannot be made once per day and per account this will not create any inconvenience to Shot Online

in 2) we have a relay mode which is unexploited it would be good to create templay style events to exploit this mode

in 3)
that non-exchangeable items are the possibility of being improved by honored players with the “expert skill” section or possible of being boosted at bianca

good to you severin13

while playing in SOGA, The putter speed is FAST, Some us use the slower Putters during rounding and are at a disadvantage from the 1st hole. It shows you using your own putter in game, But it still has a fast bar. Could you please make it so everyone uses their own putter with the correct putter speed as the club is designed to play.
Thank You very much for your time & have a Merry Christmas.

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More game advertising / promotion, Try and get some New players in the game. It feels like the player base is slowly going away and not enough NEW blood coming in.

Two things come to mind.

1 - I’d like to see scenario quests with rewards beyond level 200.

2 - It would be nice if the guild list showed current location of members just as friends list does. Seeing who is in what room/round is convenient.

  1. I would like to see Guild vs Guild Tournaments based on a point system, and a like-skill aspect for matchups, or Honor equivalency. 6-10 players, each “filling” the slot for the required skill points in the square at entry, i.e let’s say, 1 slot requires to be between 450-500 skill points (square). Maybe can have more then 1 slot available in tournament at that level for entry. Also, maybe you can have access to switch players against a certain opponent before launching the tournament, which can put your top-brass against each other and create some rivalries. Or maybe can personalize the Tournament to putt all the higher levels in 1 Tournament, and have other Tournaments to include lower skill points. Guilds can have more then 1 tournament eack week, bi-weekly, or monthly.

  2. I think it is a well-needed addition to have instructions on each, or most items. Their function, and how to acquire. i.e Legend items (all). The newer, or returning players have never seen certain items, and after endless searching on the web, proves to be time-consuming and is a frustration to endlessly be asking a Guild member that has answered that question repeatedly before. Avoid a frustration between Guild members that sometimes don’t get the answers they seek.

  3. I would like to see a new course as well !!

A canyon-type course. Something that isnt so slopey, and requires placement-type shots. Finesse-type, speed-reliant putting. I’d like to see a tall-grass rough surrounding fairways and greens. Make it so your percentages greatly diminish as you “club up”. i.e SW 80% ~ 90%, 3i 10% ~ 15%. Like a St.Andrews tall-grass.
Take the skill, other then straight distance target, out of play. Only allow small spins on the sides. Maybe have flat-spots in the sides of the canyon for those daring-type individuals. Make it so the sides are unobtainable to clear. Make it long, and show all the targets hitting obstructions, and no trees. Increase the winds with a hotter climate. Maybe have a few holes that ascend up the side of the canyon. Make some holes that ascend to the top where their are gusting winds on the plateau. Perhaps a par 4 ascending, to a par 3 ascending or descending with some gusty winds, and then a par 4 or par 5 descending to the bottom of the canyon. Maybe incorporate a river on the bottom, and light falls on some sides.
But mostly a links style course where you need to place your ball, and take the side-spin out.
I’m sure I missed things, but this is just an idea, or suggestion :slight_smile:

Hello .
i think more lvl scenario for Honor next year will be good. and golf’s club more than lv 20 now,club Reputation :Rank 1 +50%
Rank2 +40%
Rank3 +35%
Rank 4>10 +30%
Rank 11>20 +25%…

As a lot of other players, I also have been playing this game for many years now.
I remember it was partytime when there was a 2x exp event.
These days there are so many events and sometimes very time consuming and to complicated to find out.
A lot is exp oriented, but some people would just like to play some fun rounds with nice weather with friends.
I would like to have a choice for “fun in the sun” weather and would gladly give up on exp, for just a fun round.

It would also be very nice to have SOpedia in English, I know you can choose to translate, but a picture will not be translated.

Since we have our Japanese friends in game, it is hard to type in their lanuage, because they have many normal words with s.h.i.t in them.
Could the removal of censorship be reconsidered or changed?

The backspin has become far too much.
St. Bay is nearly unplayable in bad weather.
Wind meter seems to show 5 degrees clockwise less that true.
A longer course, more suitable to clubs would be nice.
Did I mention how unpleasant St Bay is?

i would like to see hardest course pouch made available much easier , also this year maybe stretch few of the courses , those higher lvl need tee further back , rather than using aw or pw or 9 iron ,

would be nice if we can make normal runes in game , either by making or using ng , instead of web , limited