Korea Server New Update [April. 2024]

*New System ‘Club Custom Parts’ Added: Players can now equip new items called ‘Club Parts’ to their clubs. [These parts are categorized into ‘Grip’, ‘Shaft’, and ‘Head’, each providing specific option effects when attached]
*Saint Bay Course Renewal: Some holes in the Saint Bay Course have been made easier, allowing players to develop new strategies for these holes]
*New ‘Bear’ Guild Room Added: Linked to the Saint Bay course, a new ‘Bear’ guild room has been added. [It offers the same benefits as existing guild rooms and players can attempt to acquire it]
*Scenario Quest Act 11 Added: A new scenario quest, Act 11, is now available for players with the title ‘Honor Pro’ and above]
*Personal Match System Improvement: The matchmaking system for personal matches has been improved, with an expanded matching range at higher ranks and additional schedule for participation. [The score limit for each rank has also been lowered to allow players to reach higher ranks more quickly]
Honor Training Room Reward Improvement: Rewards for clearing the Honor Training Room will now be given out more predictably, with changes to the grade and reward items based on clear performance]
Badge Item Option Changes
: Some options for badge items have been changed from random reward acquisition probability increase and entry NG reduction to additional experience reward options]
*Caddy’s Support Box and Caddy’s Encouragement Box Contents Changed: The contents of the Caddy’s Support Box and Caddy’s Encouragement Box, which drop when playing rounds with Emma Caddy, will be changed. [The drop probability for these boxes will also be slightly reduced]
*Guild Love Quest Reward Change: The reward for completing the weekly Guild Love Quest has been changed from ‘Swing Trainer K-2 [15%]’ to ‘Swing Trainer K-2 [40%]’]

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when will it come to this server

Maybe after this month maintenance… May 23th?
Korean doing tester for some bug. wait a moments. lol