Seriously How do I get NG?

so ive been playing for about a week. However i havent played in about 4 days due to not being able to afford green fees. Ive asked about 100 times in the general game chat and nobody has answered me.

  1. welches Level bist du ?

  2. Machst du Szenario?

Thank you for replying but
I only know english

It looks like you are asking what level am I ?
i hit level 42 after like 3 days then i havent been able to play at all because i spent to much on clubs. I dont know what else to do

Are you in international server? or german server. international add " Helios" in game i can give you some ideas of where to start etc. This game can be not very friendly to new players.

You should try asking in the international section of the forum or the discord, this forum section is for the German version of the game, so most people will only be able to speak German.

On the right side of your screen there should be scenario quests (or press Q to open the quest menu and look at them there). They give a sizeable amount of NG and should allow for a great start

At German Server i can help you, my IngameName is A!RMAX