What is the Market?

Hello Community,

The Market Hall is purely a trading forum where you can buy/sell. Therefore we would like to ask you not to create discussions or questions here.

In order to keep the market hall clear and up-to-date, please note the following points:

A meaningful title for the thread helps everyone involved to quickly recognize what is being sold or sought. E.g. Selling Tornado R Driver for Erda

Push posts are allowed after 24 hours from the last post in the thread.

Posts that are not updated for 30 days will be deleted.

When a trade is completed, please write this as a reply in a new post in your thread. Then it is easier for us to recognize the posts and the market halls remain clearer.

Requests that involve unsafe trading (e.g. platinum memberships) will be deleted here in the forums without comment or explanation.

Trade “between the servers”
Please note that bartering of items or NG between servers (US / DE) is not supported. Offers of this kind will be deleted.

Buying / selling is only allowed with NG. If the trade includes a payment for real money etc., it is prohibited and posts of this nature will be deleted.(and will be a bannable offence)