Game Guard 360 error

Have been unable to access the game post maintainence, have followed all the vice (turn av and windows defender / firewalls off) have also reinstalled just in case …Any other ideas out there ? (just about to try ethrenet connection) …Lookinga t discord many others in similar position

Same here Jason. Can’t get past GameGuard update screen.

Hopefully our dear SO peeps will see these comments and do something about the problem.

hi jason im email22 DLF im having the same issue

same here jason on both laptops , deleted n reinstalled on both n still get gamegaurd errors tho last time got 12 updates but still wouldnt let me getpast gamegaurd ,prob that jacksonheights trying to be number 1

Same here, tried everything still can’t get past gameguard which was all down before maintenance

Hi all,

Any update as to what is causing the problem and how to fix it?

I have tried everything I can think of to get the game running, but to no avail.

After a fresh install I started the game, then after the Game Guard install I noticed my firewall asked me to allow a connection to ggerror I’m assuming that there is an error with Game Guard and that connection was sending info to Game Guard regarding this?

Also noticed in the German section of the forum they had the same problem yesterday and, I’m assuming was a Game Manager, said a fix had been issued and there was no other complaints on the German forum.

Happy hitting people, if we ever get back into the game :rofl:

the short answer is use a vpn…it is a uk and ireland issue…basiclaly just use vpn for any other country than uk then run update after update turn vpn off u will be ok

Same problem even after un/re install and following all GameGuard website instructions - nothing works. Help please.

use vpn set to other country then run update

Thanks for the info Jason. :wink:

Thanks Jason - it worked!

i am sure they will ban all of us now for using a vpn…to spend money on their game lol

sorry to be a noob but what is vpn

same its a joke not surprised tho

salut a tous
essayer de supprimer Game Guard dans votre dossier Shot Online et relancer le jeu
Game Guard se réinstalle automatiquement

Stands for Virtual Private Network they are basically ways of hiding your compouters details, in htis instance we are fooling game guard into thinking that you are outside the uk (as the issue we were expereincing with gamguard only applied to people in UK and Ireland…There are various around, in this instance i would search for the free version of Proton vpn (there are paid versions as well but the free one serves the purpose of getitng abck on game ) you will need to set up an account …when all done you can set your comuter to connect though a country other than uk or Ireland…when you have done that you can run the game. the gameguard will then update normally and you cna get in game …after that you can enter the game as normal and WILL NO LONGER need the vpn, hope that helps

still cant get in tried few vpns im a pc noob ,tried usa on one and still had gamegaurd issues ,thanks shotonline bet your loseing customers by the hour

Same here PG1965 tried various vpn’s (gota remember to cancel them in the future).
Great service as always from SO like sea gulls … Fly in - create chaos - fly away - ingore customers.
Great customer service as usual.

also turn your av and firewall off when you open the vpn…adn also reboot pc / lappy then log in again to vpn

returning player from a while back , fresh install , turned off firewall as suggested .still getting 360 error. cant start game . hopefully will be sorted soon. Have done everything suggested. No joy