Scenario's from level 150

What are the scenario quests from level 150 before i pay for quest jumping book? Thanks in advance!

will start your scenarios quests from level 150 instead of level 1 if you have not done any.

Yes it will be worth it and save you LOTS of time :grinning:

Keep in mind that by saving the time you will lose out on Andre Lieu’s book of tricks. The first book comes at level 130. You miss out on a lot of exp by doing this (aside from quest rewards).

very very well spotted !!!

pour ce qui on acheter l item jumping book 150 il est vrai que vous perdez les quêtes andré lieu
mais une correction ce fera effectuer quand vous aurez la quetes du level 166 d andré lieu


I wish i would have saw this comment before i used my book

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letterkennyirish Dec 23 reported Andre Lieu’s (quest at 130 ) book of tricks, i can say its not tricks but Knowledge

oh no! I am so sorry :frowning: I will be better next time