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Anyone else think this is a pretty dumb change? We are all adults and can read what we are buying seems this is very infantilizing to get reported for and expensive item (whose to say???). I have clothes that on paper are worth nothing because of stats, but also worth billions as they are rare etc. All while they are selling monthly memberships for almost 40 bucks. Compared to other games (season pass) 9$ for a whole quarter of membership. This just seems like an unnecessary change that only benefits the 2 people who post “scammers” on the gallery board. Dont like the price dont buy it, its that simple.


Just as stupid as putting 5 skil in ROGA increasing the difficulty of the courses. Every day fewer people play and they don’t realize that people want to play and have fun, not shoot every shot straight without even being able to give a spin. And playing any course in extreme weather conditions without stopping is what they are still committed to and is killing the game altogether. Neither Saint, nor Bianca, nor Dino need those climates to play them, it is normal that no one plays them except for 4 geeks like me and anyone who has a mission in them. In short, they are letting the game die in my opinion and the changes they make do not make the game more fun or attractive for new players or for those of us who have been playing for 15 years or more. They have thousands of things they can do, promote the relay mode more, lengthen fields that you can’t reach with 9i or pw everywhere, and thus be able to improve the weather conditions and make it more fun to play. I can’t think of countless ideas to do but they don’t listen or won’t listen. I write to them DqA proposing, complaining… And they only give me automated responses, they don’t deign to answer even with a bit of sense. Only once did they answer that the extreme weather was because they use programs that help place the shot better and they don’t understand that it is the other way around, while the worse weather benefits those who play with some help, which on the other hand I think that’s just it. , a help, nothing is miraculous and nothing that cannot be done with your head or a calculator in your hand. I don’t know, I’m seeing this thing dying and I’m sad, it’s based on players who already have everything but they keep buying and buying and it’s curious that they think it’s good to be on a list of best buyers. I’m sure many don’t spend more money because they don’t appear on that list, but it’s very safe. They don’t understand anything, nothing, not even about establishing a balance in countries where 30 dollars for a gold costs them half a month’s salary, they don’t update fields, only bad weather and repeated and boring events with prizes that are only good for leveling up with foul. It means that you have to play MM, which is the most boring and what has killed the game in my opinion… Anyway, to your question, yes, the auction report seems silly to me, but at the same time I confessed myself: ). All the best.


11 holes of rain and 4 clouds now in a section of Saint, I have recorded it so if someone says, that can’t be… If that’s fun… and well the airs are already at 5 on average, it’s a It’s a shame, but this is completely dead… I advise you to think very carefully about continuing to spend money until at least they provide some solution or you make them wake up, they only understand that, the economy…

Upload ?

Also you’re a little bit off-topic here, your post would deserve its own thread. Not sure AH and gameplay are closely related :slight_smile:

It’s up to everyone to get good source of information and not accept trades / validate transactions in AH without calculating what they’re doing.
At the same time, this option may potentially be proved useful for rare extreme cases of manipulation.
But, since most of the biggest scams are done outside of AH abusing trust, I’m afraid this option will not mitigate this risk for users.
User awareness will. :slight_smile:

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I’m sorry but I was frustrated seeing how less people play the game every day and everyone complains about the same thing and when I saw the thread I answered directly. The quick and thoughtless response was personal frustration. I don’t make a thread because I’ve already complained several times and the same one always pops up saying that I should learn to play in bad weather, when I think most of us know how to do that… But well, it was just that, the anger of the moment…